Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend Woes and Working from Home

Over the weekend, we hosted my brother and sister-in-law at our house with their 2 littlest kiddos, Jude and Adam.  We had such a good time catching up and laughing and embracing the chaos that comes with 2 babies and 2 toddlers who want the same toy AT ALL TIMES!

During the weekend it felt chaotic and full and so much fun but the second they drove off yesterday, Stella burst into tears… and so did I! I don't know if it was hormones or what, but we walked into a silent, empty house where just mere minutes before there was buzzing about, yelling (because Stella has one volume these days), and giggles.

Stella missed her cousin and her playmate / partner-in-crime and I missed the adult interaction.  Thats the thing about working from home… It can get really lonely.  I love the flexibility and being home with my girls but I so desperately miss the conversations with people that aren't 2.5 years old.  Although Rodan + Fields has been an incredible outlet for me during the day, I am still "talking" to people online versus being around them in person.

I have found that for my sanity and well being, I need to have one outing per day.  Preferably meeting someone for a play date, but even a trip to Target will do.  It helps me get out of the house and around other HUMANS besides the 2 tiny ones that live with me.  I have found that the days where I make an effort (because with 2, it IS effort) are happier and more "full" days... filled with better afternoon naps! ;)

So I have come to grips that no matter if you are a full-time stay-at-home Mom or work-from-home Mom or you go into an office and your kiddos are at daycare or with a Nanny…. We are all battling some sort of loneliness as Moms.  Lonely FOR our kids or lonely FOR our friends and adult interaction.  I think the key is recognizing it and figuring out how to combat it rather than sitting in it every day.

So I will relish visitors with every ounce of energy that I have in me because I know once they leave, the silence feels deafening.  And when that loneliness creeps in, I will make an effort to fight that battle by making sure that I have a healthy life outside of my children and that we get out and DO THINGS as much as we can! Its good for them and for me to go have a daily adventure… even if it IS to Target ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Abby Leigh Media: Slideshow Class!

I have been meaning to put this class together for awhile because I get questions all the time on how to make slideshows! Starting next week, I'm going to host a week-long virtual class walking you through how to put together your very own slideshow. I will create a private Facebook Group where I can answer any questions that you may have along the way and I will post daily tutorial videos to walk you through various aspects of the slideshow process.
Note: I use iMovie which comes on Mac computers so you will need to have access to that program in order to follow along with the class.
Please email me: abbymisegades@gmail.com for a class description and more details!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


You know those days? The ones where you lose your temper because you got little to no sleep the night before? One refuses to nap and you have a LOT to get done. You drop an entire box of Goldfish on the floor. Mildewed laundry. Overflowing dishes and no groceries because you never worked up enough strength to tackle the store with 2 littles in tow.  You take a shower to be alone for 10 minutes and cry but your toddler won't let you because she is asking to join you in the shower? Yep. THOSE days.

It has been a rough week.  My angel baby Chloé is going through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and we are trying to get her on somewhat of a napping schedule or else she is a HOT.SCREAMING.MESS. in the afternoon.  It is like she changed OVERNIGHT from the most calm, chill baby you have ever seen… to one that screams often and is very hard to put down for naps or bedtime.  She is also now BORED in the swing. On the playmat. In the Bumbo. Or the bouncy chair… SOOOOO this work-from-home Mama is running OUT of options.

I was blow drying Stella's hair tonight and was tearing up out of frustration and utter exhaustion.  Stella sweetly turned around and looked at my face and said "It's okay Mama. I here. It okay." She then gave me a GIGANTIC hug, kissed my cheek, and started singing "Let it Go" because it's her go-to song and we always sing it in the car when we are trying to calm Chloé down.  She showed me GRACE tonight. And that I am doing okay. And that regardless of the frustrations I have, my girls really do love me despite my shortcomings.

So I sit here reflecting on the range of emotions I have had this week and choose to focus on the one I felt tonight from my 2.5 year old.

Unconditional Love.

God BLESS her.

Monday, July 20, 2015


It has been so interesting to watch Stella evolve into her role as a Big Sister.  Initially (at the hospital) she could care less about Chloé and was more interested in eating Chloé's "birthday cake" and opening the Big Sister presents people brought for her.

Once we got home from the hospital, she would occasionally ask to "hold it" but refused to call her Chloé.  I think this was because she was "Baby" and "Baby Sister" the entire pregnancy since we didn't announce Chloé's name until after she was born. 

Sometime over the summer, the princess and Mommy phase kicked into high gear… Stella now wants to hold Chloé, feed her bottles, WASH the bottles (get after it sister haha!), push her in the stroller, hold her hand, make her smile and laugh, and she is always protective of her.  If Chloé is crying Stella will simply bust out "Let it Go" because that is her go-to song and she knows that singing can typically calm Chloé down. 

Now that Chloé is developing more of a personality, it is simply MAGICAL to watch their bond grow.   Stella has Chloé eating out of the palm of her hand and you can tell they adore one another based on how their faces light up when they interact with each other.  

They could not be MORE DIFFERENT babies.  Stella has been "spirited" since the second she was born.  She was fussy, cried a LOT, talked a LOT, and has always had a vivacious, outgoing, center of attention personality.  Chloé has been happy, content, quiet, and extremely laid back from the get-go. I think this is partially why I feel the transition from 1 to 2 kids has been so smooth.  It doesn't get easier than Chloé Grace! (Praise God for her sweet, calm spirit! Lets pray it stays haha!)

It is hard to fathom that these girls who definitely look like sisters but have totally opposite personalities, both came from US.  What a gift.  We are indeed blessed and I look forward to seeing them evolve and change as they grow older and closer as sisters… and best friends :) 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bastille on Bishop

Yesterday was Bastille Day (basically the French 4th of July) and I think it's important for us as a family to celebrate both holidays as our girls grow up…bilingual AND bicultural. We heard about Bastille on Bishop and decided to check it out! It sounded really promising and my pictures are probably quite misleading ha! We will NEVER go back with kids again- We were told it was very kid-friendly...when in fact it was really hot, over-the-top crowded, and the lines for food and wine were on average an HOUR long!  Adults (and especially kids) don't have that kind of patience. (Especially when all we wanted was a couple of Nutella crepes!)  I will say that big crowds don't typically bother me and it was really fun to stroll through and take a few fun pictures, but we left within 20 minutes of arriving and went out to eat somewhere outside of the Bishop Arts District since all the restaurants had really long wait lines!  I do think it's a really fun concept and if we didn't have a stroller and a runaway toddler it probably would have been quite enjoyable.  Logan and I talked about how next year we would love to go back… just the two of us, for a date night!   REALLY fun concept and Logan felt right at home as it brought out ALL the authentic Frenchies that live in Dallas.  We look forward to trying again next year ;) In the meantime… enjoy the few snaps we got of our Little Miss Frenchy in all her French glory - vespas and all!

Monday, July 13, 2015

What I want my life to look like in 10 years… (Or Sooner!)

What propels you? Is it a certain lifestyle? Financial goal? Business idea? 

For me, I have BIG dreams and plans for my little family.  I have no idea if they will ever come to fruition but I do know that Logan and I talk about them over wine after the kids go to sleep… or when we get our occasional date night.  Just daydreaming about them is a fun escape for us.  

In 10 years, we will live in the Austin Hill Country and we will run our own little Bed & Breakfast with a French barn made of stone, perfect for a wedding venue.  We will have vines on the property that we allow winemakers to use and harvest for their wine.  We will live on the property but not too close… Would love to be somewhat removed up a hill but walking distance so that we can be very hands on with the clients.  We will be the only French-inspired escape in the Texas Hill Country vs. the zillions of Texas Ranch themed places.  

We would also love to hire someone to take over our place for 1 month out of every summer as we take our kids to France to spend 1/2 of their summer.  We want them to be not only bilingual, but bicultural. We also want them to know their French family WELL and to get to travel and explore Europe. They have dual-citizenship after all! France has so much to offer from big city Paris, to the rich history and castles in the Loire Valley, to the gorgeous blue coast!  

When I get tired of the day-to-day grind… I sit back, daydream, and get reenergized about making this daydream a reality someday. I am not sure HOW it is going to unfold, but I feel like the Lord has given us this inspiration and desire and He is more than capable of working out the details! 

*All images found via Pinterest. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Chloé Grace: 4 Months

Chloé Grace. You have turned me into mush. I keep waiting for you to become difficult but you continue to be the most lovable, well natured baby I've ever been around! You hardly ever cry, have just started exploring your voice and talking to us, you laugh as we do insane things to make you giggle, and you are now rolling over both ways! You are still getting up around 5am for a bottle but you go straight back to sleep until about 8:30am! You also LOVE smiling at your Big Sister and tolerate her treating you like her personal baby doll. I could go on & on but every day is sweeter with you in it. We ADORE you! 


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