Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's a BOY!

I am THRILLED to announce that we had a little BOY last week!

Tuesday, September 5th at 7:54am little ANDREW MOOSE MISEGADES came into the world while Hillsong's "Oceans" was playing.

He weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz and was 19.75 inches long. (Our shortest but heaviest baby!)

We hired a photographer to capture the moment Logan told me as well as Logan's proud waiting room moment... Both of those experiences were exactly WHY we wanted to do surprise gender this time and it exceeded all expectations! Before I share all of those the pictures, I did want to explain the details behind his name.


This is a story I have only shared with a handful of people.  Because we weren't sure on the gender, I was a bit insecure on sharing this yet.  In 2015 I was sitting in a sermon at our church in Southlake.  Chloé was only 5 months old so there was no future baby on our radar.  During the sermon, our Pastor was actually going through all of the disciples and how they died a martyrs death.  When he got to Andrew he choked up as he explained that "Andrew was whipped severely by seven soldiers in Greece and then crucified. His followers reported that when he was lead towards the cross, Andrew said these words 'I have long desired and expected this happy hour.'  He continued to preach to his tormentors for two days until he died." I don't know how to explain it but at the very moment I had the thought WOW what a man of faith, I feel like the Lord downloaded a promise into my heart.  In my heart and spirit I feel like He told me, You are going to have a son and his name will be Andrew.  From that moment on, I have held onto that promise.  I wasn't sure if Andrew would be this baby, a future biological baby, a future adopted baby, or a future boy that we mentored.  What has been cool is the timing of all of this.  He told me this is August 2015 and my anxiety/ insomnia started in September of 2015 and then last summer I had all my health scares surrounding my voice and swallowing.  I remember the darker days when I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through or wondering if I was about to receive a terminal diagnoses... The Lord would gently remind me that He was not through with me yet because I still have a son to be born named Andrew.  So in those valleys, I had a flicker of hope.... The promise of THIS little boy.  Andrew has never been on Logan's or my radar as a name ... ever ... but we obediently named him Andrew and it couldn't be more fitting because of the meaning and the Promise behind it.  He is our redemption baby.


Moose is actually Logan's Mom's maiden name (Sherilyn Moose).  Pictured below is Grandpa Moose who Logan had a really special relationship with.  Growing up he was always jealous of his cousins who got the last name MOOSE because he thought it was so cool.  We are hoping our boy thinks the same thing! I mean he's bound to be cool with a name like THAT!  Another funny fact is that Logan out of all his siblings favors the Moose side of the family versus the Misegades.  So THERE is the mystery of "Moose" explained for everyone.

People have been asking what to call this little man of ours.  I want it to be organic.  I will refer to him as Andrew but we already have a pretty big fan club calling him Moose.  I am sure the "Moose" popularity will only increase over the coming years, especially when sports get introduced, ha! 

"Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord." LUKE 1:45 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Maternity Pictures

5 Days to go Ninja Baby. 

So thankful we had these taken.  Dorly you are magic.  These pictures will make me smile ALWAYS.  

Margot or Andrew? 
Either way, you are loved FIERCELY! We know you are STRONG. BIG. And WIGGLE A LOT! 
All my love, my dear XX

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gender Predictions for Bébé 3

Old Wives Tales

Heartbeat (Always around 140) - BOY (Both girls were 160s)

Chinese Calendar - BOY

Necklace Test (Circular vs. Linear) - BOY

Morning Sickness (I had ZERO but was very nauseous/ had food aversions with both girls) - BOY 

Complexion (Minimal Breakouts + "Glow") - BOY

Sweet (Girl) or Salty (Boy) - GIRL (definitely wanting all the sweets!)

Carrying High (Girl) or Low (Boy) - BOY (both of my girls were wedged way up in my rib cage)

Statistics (If you have had 2 of the same gender, you are 80% likely to have a 3rd of the same gender) - GIRL

So (almost) all of these point to having a B-O-Y!!!! Logan and I both think it is a boy but we are wrong every time haha! We thought both Stella AND Chloé were boys before we found out... SOOOOO I wouldn't trust us haha!

Regardless we will be thrilled!


If you'd like to play, simply click the link provided below to submit your hunches!
Once you visit the page, click 'Enter New Hunches' to submit your hunches...


Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Well we have had some major changes the past few weeks! In early July our landlord told us he wanted to put our house on the market and that we essentially had 60 days to be out.  (He was nice it was just terrible timing.) At the time, I was due for my C-Section in 62 DAYS so it was extremely stressful thinking about finding a place we liked and moving so quickly.

The whole time I knew there was a reason behind it but it didn't help the fact that I was going to have to go through the hassle of moving in the 108 degree heat while 8 months pregnant....  (Our plan was for our next move to be into a house we BOUGHT, not another rental.)

However, God aligned the timing of everything.  We were actually test driving a car at Sewell when we got the call from our landlord which is why we opted NOT to get a new car.  If our landlord had called us the following day or week, there is a high chance we would have already bought that car!

As we started looking at rentals in Richardson, we realized that prices had gone up substantially in the 2.5 years we had been renting.  To get a house in similar condition with similar square footage was going to cost us more... Not to mention, Stella starts kindergarten next August so school was a factor while we were looking.  (Thus the car payment $$ being repurposed)

We looked at a few promising homes and even got caught up in a Craigslist scam that resulted in me working with a detective ... long story.  At the end of the day, God provided a GREAT home that was only 1.2 miles away from where we were living and is bigger AND nicer.  If we were going to have to move, at least we were upgrading and not downgrading.  It was a bit more expensive but since we opted to not buy a car right now, we will be okay.   Turns out, buying skinnier car seats is less expensive than buying a new car ha!

So last week while Logan was at a work conference in Charlotte and my Mom and Chris were in Colorado, I packed up our entire house with the help of LOTS of friends and my Dad and Kelley. There were a lot of tears and pity parties... Thank goodness the girls had camp.

Logan flew home Saturday night and we bit the bullet and hired movers for Sunday morning and voila! We are officially in our new home which gives me 6 weeks to NEST until this baby arrives! WHAT.A.WHIRLWIND.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has watched the girls, brought meals, helped me pack, taken over loads of boxes, and CLEANED OUR NASTY OLD PLACE!!! I could NOT have made it through this move without you all and I feel very blessed to have such a strong and servant-hearted tribe.  I hope I can return the favor someday.

Cheers to purging! AMAZING community! FRESH Starts! And a NEW BABY coming soon!!! Oh... and that MOVE BEING OVER WITH!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Chloé Grace attended Camp with Big Sister this week! Outside of Sunday School, this was the first "school" type experience she has ever had! LOOK HOW BIG SHE LOOKS HERE?!?!?? Where is the time going... 

Her teachers said she was definitely ready for school. She plays well with others. Has LOTS of energy and great coordination. And somehow even took naps on her nap mat?!?!? I still don't know how teachers do this... toddler whisperers I suppose.  

This week gave me peace about the upcoming school year.  This Baby is due the FIRST day of school so I won't get to be there for their first week.  So excited for them both :) 

Monday, July 10, 2017

30A Vacation Roundup

Santa Rosa Beach 2017

+ Sunshine
+ Netflix
+ Seaside Shopping
+ Seafood
+ Rainy Days
+ Cousins
+ Oysters
+ Noodle Light Saber Wars
+ Double Red Flags
+ Tide Pool "Ride"
+ Mermaid Spa Pedicures
+ Blake Shelton Essentials on Apple Radio
+ DADDY arriving on Wednesday vs. Friday!
+ Ice Cream
+ Aloe Vera
+ Back porch cookouts
+ Pool Time

Thank you Gigi and Opa for a WONDERFUL week!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why Surprise Gender?

I was the girl who back in the day said... I COULD NEVER DO THAT anytime I met someone doing surprise gender.  I thought to myself... I am too Type-A. Too much of a planner. Don't want gender neutral stuff. Etc. Etc. Etc.

So with Stella and Chloé both, we found out the gender and I LOVED knowing!

For Stella I wanted to know so that I could have a VERY PINK or VERY BLUE baby shower.  I did not want yellow ducks and grey elephants. I wanted to OWN the gender.

For Chloé since I had to have a scheduled C-Section the whole thing felt very clinical and anti-climatic so although we knew her gender, we chose to share her NAME after she was born which was really fun! HOWEVER, the unexpected feelings I had with Chloé the night before were thoughts of fear, anxiety, and dread... Everyone was so excited to meet this baby but they weren't the ones having to undergo a major surgery and recovery.  Don't get my wrong, I was excited but equally dreading the whole thing.

After talking to my stepsister, she told me the only emotion she felt the night before her third C-Section was one of EXCITEMENT in finding out the GENDER.  All other emotions paled in comparison to the anticipation of THAT.   (They found out with their first 2 and did surprise for their 3rd. She is now pregnant with their 4th and said they are definitely NOT finding out again because it was one of the coolest moments of her life!)

So this time, in and effort to curb some of that night-before anxiety, we are going to see if this surprise gender deal helps! I can tell you with 9 weeks left... I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

I did NOT do this to be cool or trendy...but rather to help cope with the dread surrounding the procedure.   It was SO HARD at first.  ESPECIALLY when girls who are due around the same time as me had their gender reveals around 12 weeks.  When my doctor called me to share my genetic test results and said... Are you sure you don't want to know the gender? I have it right here..... I toyed with the idea for a minute but knew Logan would be so sad if I found out without him.  I literally had to sit on my hands for the next 15 minutes to keep myself from calling back and saying NEVERMIND PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

The next hurdle was the big sonogram at 20 weeks which confirms the sex of the baby.  We did toy with finding out the gender in the waiting room that day... but then chickened out since we had made it SO FAR already!  They turned the screen off before we could see anything.

Since then, it hasn't really crossed my mind! We are now 30 weeks and my biggest fear at this point is my doctor or someone else slipping up and accidentally referring to IT as a HE OR SHE... I would just be so sad if after all this effort, THAT happened!

We are going in every 2 weeks now and I remind them EVERY SINGLE TIME that I do NOT want to know.  I had a few friends and family members say they didn't think I would last until September and my stubbornness to prove them wrong has also fueled my determination to stay strong and WAIT!  ALSO, Logan cannot wait for his BIG MOMENT of saying "IT'S A _____" to a waiting room of people and I can't wait to give him that.  We are also going to ask the doctor if LOGAN can tell me the gender of the baby in the operating room since he will be right there.

We are pretty certain we have our BOY AND GIRL names picked out but are open to changing them if something we like better comes around in the next 9 weeks!  At the beginning of this pregnancy I was VERY vocal about wanting a little boy and to be honest, I still would love a boy just to experience parenthood from both gender perspectives...but guys... We are GOOD at girls.  Stella and Chloé are playing together now and it is the cutest thing to watch.  I really can picture myself being a girl mom and just owning it ... PLUS I REALLLLYYYYY love our girl name and would love the chance to use it!

So there you have it... the reasoning behind our surprise gender decision! Everyone that I have talked to that has done it before has told me I absolutely WILL NOT regret it!

So stay tuned... we will know September 5th!


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