Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend


So Easter was a really fun weekend.

Friday night we went on a double date w/ the Schulzes... much needed catch up time! We had KONA and went to see The Last Song afterwards. I have to admit, it was a little predictable but I am a loyal Nicholas Sparks fan through & through. I am only on Chapter 4 in the book, but I do intend to read the rest to get the nitty gritty details. I love knowing the thoughts in the character's heads b/c a movie cannot portray that like a book can. I would put it at "Dear John" caliber... not the Notebook (what is!??!?!) but better than A Walk to Remember & Nights in Rodanthe.

Katy was in town and we celebrated my early bday with her in town Saturday night... went to Benihana's (the same place I have been suggesting for my bday dinner since elementary school- see below :) )

Then we were going to hit up ZaZa but Logan's shorts and flip flops didnt cut the "Dress to Impress" dress code... so

We finished the evening in our own VIP table next to the DJ at Sangria with my favorite beverage in Dallas- the sparkling Sangria! (hints of raspberry and vanilla!) yum!

Sunday was a BLAST as well... we got up and went to Watermark (our friends Joe & Taylor and Katy's roomie Kaila joined us as well)... Mom cooked us a FEAST for lunch, still gave us Easter baskets with Peeps in them (even though we tell her every year we dont like them! haha), and we had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard filled with candy and ending with 6 eggs we chose from a bowl with CASH in them! (Think Secret Santa, Easter Bunny style)... don't worry, I got $5- the LOWEST egg.... what a rip! haha jk- thats 1 lunch at Wendys!

My jeans had a hole by the knee that would get bigger each and every time I sat down... so we decided to make them trendy cut offs... to which Logan exclaimed "I thought you told me to never be caught dead in JORTS!!!"- Too bad that rule doesn't apply to me or the hot new spring trend haha! At least he listens and I stand by my word that LOGAN MISEGADES WILL NEVER WEAR JORTS EVEN IF THEY ARE IN STYLE haha :)

My bday is tomorrow... and I have a feeling its going to be a GREAT week for MANY reasons ;)

Tomorrow night is a cookout that Logan arranged with 30 of my closest friends and we have like a 99% turnout... I feel very loved! Hoping and praying that the weather will cooperate... at least from 7-9pm so we can cook burgers... is that too much to ask? :)

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