Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 16 - Dream House

This was the post I was most looking forward to but SO MUCH goes into it... I was going crazy looking at all these adorable interior design blogs and it was so much pressure to design my dream home in 1 DAY!!!

Therefore I am going to stick to certain elements I want in my house and some cute exteriors of homes in my neighborhood in Lakewood/the M Streets. Look how adorable these are! I love it when homes mix bricks, have tudor elements, and look unique from concrete subdivisions in the suburbs :) (no offense if you live in one, just my preference) I also love the cottage look- there are so many of these in Lakewood - wood homes with huge front porches with swings, maybe even painted a fun random color! Logan and I don't want to live in a BIG home, we would rather have it be small, quaint, and cozy.

We LOVE our place right now... in fact, I thought about posting pics of our place for elements of our Dream Home but I will list them instead. We love the wood floors, old vintage bath tile, curved doorways, cute old crystal door knobs, the color of all the walls b/c it adds such a warm vibe to our place, our breakfast nook, our stained glass bar area, and even our front porch! We are going to be so sad to move out and if we DO ever get to build a dream home... we want to make it look OLD and incorporate some of the charming elements from our Goliad home.
This is not our bathroom- but you get the idea of the vintage tile...

And maybe throw in a clawfoot bathtub too :)

Some improvements we would make: BIGGER CLOSETS... geez, people really didn't have many clothes back then! Stainless steel appliances... I love the Restoration Hardware look kitchens that have the light woodgrain mixed w/ black and stainless steel. We would want a back patio with maybe even a fire pit to make smores ... or perhaps, a table and chairs to host a dinner party- with lanterns of course :) b/c my backyard will look like a Pottery Barn catalog someday right? haha We ARE dreaming here... I love exposed brick walls and wood beam accents on the celings. I also will have a canopy bed and incoporate some barn doors somehow?
My Dream Patio Setting (my view would be a vineyard though in a perfect world)

Love both of these kitchens!

Can this be my bedroom please? Love the brick and canopy bed- 2 birds w/ 1 stone!

Really want to incorporate Barn Doors somehow!

Again... I swoon over exposed brick walls

And wood beam ceilings!

If I had to describe my taste... I guess it is Canton, Anthropologie, Vintage, Classic, Lofty, Colorful, and CLEARLY Eclectic? I don't want to put parameters on my taste AND I don't care if every room has a different vibe... I just buy stuff I like :)

Oh ...and I WILL have one of these someday in my dining room :)

Whew. I think I could have spent ALL 30 DAYS preparing for this post... may have to add some more to it later :)

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