Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 19- Something You Miss

Do not judge me or put me in a stereotypes bucket based on this confession...but I honestly really miss cheerleading!!! I hate working out (you know, at the gym or running... I am not a Katy Trail type gal)...but cheerleading kept us all so in shape and it was FUN, it did not even feel like we were working out and we did it 12+ hours per week!

I started cheering in 8th grade and continued to cheer all the way through my senior year at Lake Highlands. Once I quit club gymnastics in 10th grade, I ALSO joined a club cheerleading squad called Cheer Basics. It really was so much fun! Great memories :) Here I am through the years of my cheer career.

8th grade cheerleader at Forest Meadow

9th grade cheerleader at Lake Highlands Freshman Center.

Senior Year- LHHS Varsity Cheer Captain

Senior Year- Cheer Basics

Senior Year- LHHS Homecoming Court

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