Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 2- Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

This is an easy one... I married a Frenchman and J'Adore Ma Vie means "I Love My Life!"

The Misegades... duh, our last name! Pronounced wrong almost EVERY time... so here is a little lesson:

MIZE (rhymes w/ cries, dies, lies- haha all uplifting words)
GADES (rhymes with fades)
= Misegades

(Helpful hint: Don't make it sound fancier than it is... its from Kansas, its not French! haha)

***I now also collect Eiffel Towers like its MY heritage or something... don't make all have weird collections too! It beats my keychain and beanie baby phase! See below for my current Etsy Eiffel-inspired favorites! ***





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