Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I love hearing how people celebrated Christmas growing up b/c I would love to have some great ideas to start now for when we have kiddos someday. It is pretty cool that you can make up whatever traditions you want for your this Christmas I have been brainstorming, asking, listening and making mental notes ;)

Some of my favorites growing up:

  • Opening 1 gift on Christmas Eve morning... BIG deal... BIG Decision.
  • Katy and I would make Christmas videos... dress up like elves, interview each other, make up dances, etc. The beginning of all our home videos from Christmas start with our "routine."
  • Santa came every single Christmas Eve to my grandparent's house until I was in junior high!!! We sat on his lap, told him what we wanted, and he gave us small treats. It was pretty neat that we literally had the SAME Santa every year growing up (Thank you G-daddy)... he got to know us and our family and it kept it consistent and magical in our eyes.
  • Christmas Eve at the kids table (for awhile at least) consisted of us and HAPPY MEALS from McDonalds b/c we didn't care for the "grown up" meal of shrimp.
  • Christmas Day we would wake up at the crack of dawn, wake up my parents, and were in the "holding room" for forever until the video camera was set up... aka my parents were getting the stockings and gifts ready! We had a big breakfast, Santa, stockings, then went to Mammaw and Pappaws house where we had Christmas all over again and usually ended the afternoon playing football in the front yard.

Some traditions I have heard about that I want to adopt:

  • Each person will have a Christmas tree angel that they adopt and buy for. (Makes the season more about giving than receiving from an early age)
  • Some sort of Christmas Pageant/ program that we attend annually. I used to sing in the choir at Park Cities and I loved the "Hanging of the Green" service filled with decorating the church and signing Christmas tunes.
  • I LOVE that Morgan's dad would put a "boot print" in the chimney ashes when they were little...another trace of Santa to keep the magic alive.
  • Crafting... I would love to either make Christmas crafts or decorate Christmas cookies.
  • Making "reindeer food" to sprinkle in the yard for Rudolph and his pals. (This is one of Faith Hill's traditions w/ her girls)

I cannot believe Christmas is in 5 Days!!! Our presents and stockings are all taken care of... we just have a few last minute items to wrap and we will be done! I am thoroughly enjoying dodging North Park like the plague this week and resting and wrapping in the comfort of my own home. We shopped early and efficiently via my iPhone check list haha!

I am working until Thursday so hopefully it will be pretty quiet around here and I can plan some other fun holiday posts :) December is SO busy... I have been a bit overwhelmed lately so I am looking forward to life slowing down starting Friday! (As much as I do love the Christmas parties, it was just so much jam packed into 2 weeks... I need a breather haha)

***Would LOVE some comments on FUN Christmas traditions you have!!!***

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  1. we are starting a new tradition this year...a throwdown in the kitchen, just like bobby flay! haven't decided what we are going to cook, but it should be interesting and entertaining!!



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