Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Logans Birthday Weekend 2010

Friday, Dec 17th

We hosted my Dad and Kelley for bday lasagna dinner and Logan opened his gifts.

Afterwards, we headed to the Dallasite to celebrate Morgan's belated bday. Logan and Kent sang "Yellow" by Coldplay...its their karaoke go-to. It was really fun and we ended the night with chicken McNuggets!

Saturday, December 18th.

The Cochrans stayed with us and treated Logan to his FAVORITE Mexican food hole-in-the-wall "El Paisa" (spelling?) It was complete with Spanish soap operas in the background and Cokes in bottles w/ real sugar.

Nicki and I went grocery shopping for Logan's dinner... he requested Chicken Tetrazzini. We played house while the boys vegged out and watched TV.

After dinner, he opened their card and gift. Sweet time with besties.

Sunday, December 19th (ACTUAL bday)

I cooked everyone breakfast, then we headed to Gateway.
After church, my mom prepared a big feast for lunch to celebrate Logan and Caleb's bdays.

Then they opened their gifts.

That night, I surprised Logan with Ben Hogan golf clubs to start his collection. He was pumped... I love that picture!

Then we headed to the Grape for a delicious late night steak dinner.

It was a very happy birthday week for Logan. He deserved every second of it.

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