Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's in Your Bag? Holiday Edition

A handbag can say a lot about a girl... so can her stocking! My mom (Mrs. Clause) has me nailed!

From Top left to bottom right...

1. Ballatore Champagne w/ cute heart ornament
2. Tyler candle- "Tyler" scent is my fave!
3. Lots of little makeup / scent samples
4. "M" coin purse from Anthro- so cute
5. exfoliating loofa
6. double sided tape dispenser specifically designed for attaching pics into scrapbooks :)
7. colorful marker pens
8. Vera Bradley journal
9. "beach" inspired body wash- cocunut/vanilaa...reminds me of our tropical honeymoon!
10. adorable ruffled belt from Gap
11. long black cotton yoga pants- love!
12. Polaroid film for my camera
13. sparkley ballet flats from Gap
Not pictured.
14. Gift card to Michaels (I need to purchase my new art journal!)
15. Cute headband w/ handmade flowers attached

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas- will post pics from ours later. It was all around lovely. We are still in our pj's as the Misegades casa enjoying a day full of NOTHING. Just what the doctor ordered.

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