Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm going to peak your Pinterest...

I am fully aware that I am not an early adopter of this site, BUT I have just recently finally tried it out and I LOVE IT!!! My lovely SIL Erin introduced it to me and it is a GREAT tool to keep all your online favorite images, products, pictures in one place on various "inspiration boards."

I just dipped my toe into this madness yesterday and I am addicted. The site is called Pinterest and you basically save a virtual inspiration board for yourself. You install a "Pin" on your bookmark bar and whatever site you are on you can choose to "Pin" it on your board without ever leaving the current webpage. Example: You are browsing your FAVORITE photographer's blog and you see an irresitible image OR you are on etsy and fall in love with a handmade painting... all you do is click "Pin it" on your toolbar and it will store it for you on your site!

Here are my pins so far... You can view them as a collective group OR you can break them down by category that you assign.

Like I said, I just started but my categories (boards) so far are:
  • Watch Listen Read- music I can connect to, movies that inspire and make me think, books that I can't put down

  • Wishful Wardrobe- If $$ grew on trees and I could have my dream wardrobe, these would be my picks!

  • Dream Home- Inspiration to build our dream home... someday? A girl can dream...

  • Wish List-my list of (hopefully) future purchases...( or gifts)

  • Take me to...- dreamy landscapes/ places I would like to visit someday

  • J'Adore Paris- Everything that I love about France

  • Creativity and Inspiration- images, colors, photography that inspire

  • Let's Make It - everything DIY/ crafty that I love and hope to try
The cool thing is... much like twitter, you watch live as people pin new images. You can also re-pin other's images that you love and want on your board. You "follow" people that you run across that have great taste or simliar interests and believe me- you will be exposed to a whole new world! See a taste below of boards that I "follow."

Each image is linked to its source on the internet so you don't have to worry about copyrighting, PLUS you can discover new & interesting photography/ fashion/ design sites and blogs where people are pulling their "pins" from.

I know we are all on social media OVERLOAD, but you should give this a try. Before, I used to save jpegs of images / items I loved on a folder on my desktop, but now its all online and I don't have to try to remember where I found all of them- they link directly back!

You can follow me HERE.

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