Friday, January 28, 2011

January through the lense of my iPhone

I have purchased some AMAZING Apps lately, but my favorite is Instagram... go get it! A ton of the pics below are w/ the instagram filter. Here is my month at a glance through the lense of my trusty iPhone.

I started off January with a terrible head cold that lasted a week!

Alexis and I hosted January (Chili) Supper Club!

We had a tiny bit of snow for less then 24 hours! yippee!

I worked on my Rosetta Stone FRENCH :)

My hubby decked out in ALL maroon for the Cotton Bowl... we won't discuss what happened to his enthusiasm later in the evening...

Katie Boo and I took a stab at our 1st baby shower decor! VERY FUN craft nights :)

Work has been EXCITING this month! We had Cheetahmail in town from New York for a seminar. (By the way, I had a friend who had to leave early... I turned in her entry to win an iPad at the end of the seminar along with mine... and yes, SHE won. It was really hard for me to be ethical and give it to her... so close!) They took us to the Screen Door for dinner- ah-mazing! Go try it out! (special occasion place/ $$$ )

Sushi date w/ our favorite premarital class friends Joe and Taylor... I heart Deep Sushi. We dominated that plate in 13 minutes. I am not lying. We timed it.

A surprise bday breakfast for Jen's bday at our Friday gals breakfast spot, Cafe Brazil! Sadly, she is leaving us in less than 2 weeks to travel the world for 6 months. LITERALLY. crazy cool!

Date night at our favorite restaurant ENOS! I love lights... year round... indoors and outdoors.

I got to wear some of my new clothes/ shoes from Christmas- hooray for new outfits at work!
(PS I don't have a full length mirror hung up in our house, so I have gotten into the habit of throwing things on and snapping a pic of myself in the elevator on my way up to work to make sure the ensemble looks okay- I guess at that point its too late though, right? haha!)

Hosted my first baby shower!!! YIPPEE!!!

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