Monday, February 28, 2011

Month in review: February 2011

A few snapshots that sum up our February.

We are loving our "go-to" date spots in Lakewood... all walking distance from our place.

Pacuigos...our frequent after dinner treat...usually followed by a Red Box :)

Times Ten Cellars... this is a great wine bar. It is really fun b/c you can sit on the patio and order pizza that will deliver straight to your table.
Our brand new breakfast/ coffee shop spot- The Pearl Cup! They serve crepes that are beyond yum! It is also really fun to walk around all the cute neighboring Henderson shops afterwards such as the Gypsy Wagon, Again & Agian, Emeralds to Cocunuts, and Pandemonium. (go check them out!)

A handful of beautiful WHITE SNOW days... see post here. (I even got a few days off work to relax, watch movies, and catch up on some reading.)

3 Family Birthdays....

Birthday #1- My mom's on the 9th. I got her these letters for her "collage wall" with her new last name!

A random influx of SHOE purchases... Logan and I got each other running/ basketball shoes for Valentine's Day. (and yes... I have actually used the Nike Airs and hope they continue to inspire me to work out more..ha!)

I treated myself to some cute DSW shoes on SALE while Logan was out of town. (shhhhh!)

AND FINALLY MY TORYS!!! I decided on the shoes.... well b/c this time, the Tory Burch handbags weren't on 30/30 meaning I wouldn't get my deep that made the decision VERY easy for me :) I love them so far! (just need a pedicure now)

My lovely Valentines Day flowers and chocolates delivered at work + our dinner date at Bolsa. (yum)

Birthday #2... Dylan (my stepbro) turned the big 16!!! Watch out drivers...

And bday #3 was Katy's golden bday.... 23 on the 23rd! We had 3 celebrations!

#1 Steak and wine night at mi madres! Will was in town from Houston and got to join us and Katy finally got her red TOMS :)

#2 was a night with Katy's girlfriends starting off at Monica's (more on that later) and ending the night at Manhattan Bar. Katy had a GREAT time especially w/ her glow-in-the-dark margarita!

#3 A brisket lunch at my Dad & Kelleys house complete with my grandma Mammaw! So glad she was able to be there :)

So thankful it has warmed up here in Dallas... looking forward to a fantastic Spring season!


  1. So good to see Mrs. EVans we miss seeing her on sundays here in big A! tell her hello for me! Happy Birthday to Katy!

  2. Aw, thanks Molly! I will tell her you said hello... she is honestly feeling better now than she has in YEARS... literally- its a miracle from God. We are thankful to have her close by in Grapevine :) Hope all is well!



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