Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ode to my iPhone

Dear beloved iPhone,

I don't think I fully appreciated you or treated you very nice all the time.  In fact, I dropped you often... even dropped you on purpose at times to try to turn you back on.  For that, I apologize.  I also would hit your face quite aggressively when you weren't typing fast enough for my impatient liking.

Well you have died and gone to be with the other 3Gs... and now I have an AWFUL BLUE Samsung to replace you and it is nowhere near the same.  He is SO hard to type on and only has the capability to text message and call people. (gasp!!!)

iPhone- you were my everything.  You were my GPS, my camera (and cool camera effects to where my mom thought I had become a photographer), my email, my BIBLE of all things, my Shazaam to download the latest and greatest tunes, my weather man, my MUSIC at work, my daytimer, my "notes to self" and Christmas wish lists, my Twitter, my Facebook, my lifeline... and I don't think I realized how co-dependent I was on you until you were gone. 

RIP August 2008 - March 2011.

I hope to upgrade to your better self named 4G here in the next 6-12 months... but until then, I will suffer through waiting in lines (at the pharmacy, docs office, Starbucks, elevator) with nothing to do but think of you and how good you were to me. (Although my hubby is glad to have my full attention back on him- ha!)

All my love,


  1. RIP Iphone! I saw you are your last day.

  2. She went to be w/ the other 3Gs the very next day... she was fading fast! haha

  3. tooo funny...and sad. but totally agree, we are ridiculously dependent!!

  4. RIP beloved iPhone. You will be missed and you will teach the rest of us to cherish our iPhone's even more while we are lucky enough to have them. Life is too short.

  5. grieving with you my friend. the lost of a best friend is always hard... :)

  6. This is the cutest thing ever! Although it is NOT cute that your iphone died. On to bigger (?) or should I say faster things. XOXO, Mom



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