Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Concerts in the Garden - Rain, Shine, or Hail!

We had a BLAST last night at the "Concerts in the Garden" series at the Arboretum.  We sat on a big hill overlooking the stage and White Rock Lake, chatted with friends, and ate our sushi platters from Whole Foods.  Our night ALMOST didn't happen due to storms, hail, and tornado warnings in the DFW area, but after a light shower from around 6-7pm, the evening ended up being beautiful ... (and humid).  I want to start doing this every chance I get- it was the perfect activity to do with friends, but it would also be a really fun date night! I sometimes get burnt out of "dinner and a movie" so this is an affordable alternative that mixes things up a bit :)

What you will need for your evening:
  • Cups and napkins
  • Food - snacky or a meal (highly suggest going to Central Market or Whole Foods and getting something already prepared and ready to eat)
  • Quilt / blanket to sit on
  • Drinks + Cooler (if you bring wine... be sure to bring a wine OPENER)
  • $16 to get in (you can purchase online or when you get there)
  • Umbrella... just in case
  • Camera- for the beautiful sunset, lake views, and pretty flower photo opps!
  • THIS is optional, but Ali Bowen brought them and they were a lifesaver seeing as we were sitting on a hill.  They kept our wine glasses (or plastic cups) "staked down" so we didn't have to worry about them spilling over. - why oh why did I not think of inventing that???
Happy Hump Day!!! My bestie Bromli is in town and staying with me tonight and I have missed her so much... North Carolina is too far away. The night ahead is full of girl time, giggling, and gossip :) (and wine, but that didn't start with a "g")


  1. abby, i used to do that in san fran. thank you, for reminding me of cool things to do. yes, i am getting old.

  2. So much fun! Had a blast!!! We must pick another concert to go to.

  3. wine is made with grapes. grapes starts with a g. so it totally could have fit into your list.



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