Thursday, April 7, 2011


My twenty-sixth year has been a fantastic one! I actually found out the day after my birthday last year, that I got the job at Neiman Marcus! I cannot believe I have been here that long. I watched my sis graduate from Baylor and start her first year as a real life Spanish teacher!  Logan and I moved into our Lakewood duplex that we are in love with.  We celebrated our first year as Mr. and Mrs. in Boston :) My mom got happily re-married to a great guy. And our besties (that introduced us at their wedding) popped out a baby a few weeks ago.  I will look back very fondly on my twenty-sixth year! A whole lot of change happened and I feel like I grew up a lot.  My priorities shifted, I mellowed out, and started craving creativity. 

Today I turn twenty-seven. Wow! That is pretty close to 30. (what I used to consider "old" )

BUT, I have a LOT to look forward to in my twenty-seventh year.  I cannot quite tell everyone yet, but its going to be a big year of growth and challenge for me :)  I am hoping that this year, I can get back to the basics.  Enjoy the simple things in life.  Have picnics, ride a bike, read more, listen to more music and watch less TV. I want to learn French so that we can have bilingual babies someday and I want to start sewing and crafting as much as I can.  It is when I am outside doing something creative, that I feel the most alive...Therefore, I want to do that as much as I possibly can!

Thank you Lord for a year full of blessings, health, and new opportunities. I pray that I continue to grow and learn more about who I am in You this upcoming year.  

Happy "Friday" to me! (I took the day off tomorrow...just because!)


  1. Happy birthday to my sweet girl...I am so blessed to have you as my daughter and my friend! I love you,
    Mom XOXO

  2. haha that time you were signed in as me :) thx for steaks last night!!! see u in an hour for girl day!!!



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