Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Smiles :)

I loved doing  this post last week so minus the obvious (the fact that it is FRIDAY), I am going to do 5 Smiles on Fridays to kick off the weekend! So here we go... 

1. VINTAGE SWIMSUITS!! I am on the hunt for a really cute one. There are a ton at Anthropologie, but I would love to find one that is under $100. Any ideas or leads for me?


2. We are headed to Longview for my brother-in-law, Caleb's graduation tonight! This marks my last graduation until the nieces and nephews graduate from high school... which will be awhile haha :)

3. Celebrating my SUPERMOM on Sunday :)

4. This is very true and I want to hang this in my home. 

5. This video is very low quality, but I love acoustic versions of pop songs.  This girl sounds like Adele and is singing Willow Smith :) awesome!



  1. I'm loving vintage-styled swimsuits this season, too! I just picked up one from Lands End (surprising, right?) for under $20. Here is the link to the suit: Good luck!

  2. I hadn't even thought of Lands' End Canvas!!! Thanks for the suggestion, looking now :)

  3. abby- CUTE new blog design! love it! very vintage :)



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