Friday, June 24, 2011

5 :)

On week's like is good to laugh! So today's 5 smiles are all going to be cute and hopefully make you laugh! 

1. Is this real life? I LOVE this video and I am sure you all have seen it...but its so cute.

2. Oh how technology has evolved...what will it be next?

3. This made me smile because I sometimes think that Logan's favorite place to be is in the bathroom.  He plays games on his phone, occasionally takes the computer, catches up on his reading, etc.  Maybe that was TMI, but I just envisioned our Mini Logan someday looking something like this... haha!

4. This gave me a chuckle. Haven't played that game in awhile but its great on road trips.

Source: None via Tucker on Pinterest

5. Looks like someone forgot to put on their sunscreen! haha I have had this image saved for a Thanksgiving post for months now, but I needed a laugh this week and thought I would share it early! 

In other news:
  • Bromli & Bear are in town and I get to see them tonight! It is VERY rare that I get to see both of them so I am excited.  We have a clan going to Monica's which is always a good time!
  • I went on a double date w/ my Fossil besties Josh & Rob at RISE this week and we ran into none other than George W. Bush.  You can read about it HERE.
  • Operation Beach Body is in full effect. Logan and I have been working out at the YMCA almost every night after work! Swimsuit season here we come :)
  • I had Neimans 30/30 this past weekend and we got Logan some HOT Ray Bans. I love a man in Ray Bans...
  • My sister is back from Costa Rica!!! I have missed her and finally get to see her this weekend and hear all about her trip.
  • I will for sure post Scrapbooking Retreat images next week. It was a really unique experience!

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