Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need a breather...

THIS pretty much describes how I am feeling right now.

I am a bit overwhelmed, exhausted, tired, and stressed... It has been a busy last 10 days... in fact, I have only had 1 night off in that stretch... which causes me to end up like this.

It's funny because I used to be so energized by being busy and around people all the time and now I relish in quiet nights at home to unwind.  Sadly, MOST of Logan's best friends have moved away in the past year so he rarely has plans and I always seem to have something pop up.  I had a big talk with him last night on the way to the Rangers game saying that we (more I) have GOT to learn when and how to say "no." I need to set some time aside for myself for my emotional and mental stability (that sounds dramatic, but it really does my soul some justice) - Logan is just so different because he could go a straight month with plans every night and love every second of it... so if him and I could trade schedules, we decided we would be set! In fact, last week he had 4 nights at home to relax, watch TV, play guitar, etc. and I was busy at work dinners and out of town at a retreat.

TONIGHT, we finally get a night at home together.  We are going to go to the YMCA, cook dinner, and watch The Voice ... I have never been an American Idol follower, but something about The Voice (um... or Adam Levine) just does it for me! This is the perfect Rx for me today.

Lots of changes coming down the pipeline that I cannot wait to share with you all in a few weeks!
Mrs. Frenchy


  1. i love this post abby. i love how real, honest and authentic your blog is. you arent trying to impress - you're just yourself. i try to do that with mine too, i just dont do it enough. anyways, iknow what you're saying in this post - i feel it too. we are both social butterflies, but over the past year, ive found it to be draining. its something i struggled with but a woman im really close to and i talked about it a few weeks ago and she told me something so freeing - she said its a sign of maturity. she said she could see it too in me, that ive developed more "introverted" tendencies. but its a sign of maturity, and growing up. i also think its good bc sometimes, when peopel are so busy, its bc they are scared to be alone with themselves. they are restless. and thats not good. so embrace your new side to yourself, because its good, healthy, and mature! :) youre still the fun, loveable abby you've always been! :)

  2. Annie- I JUST got this comment... Thanks so much for your thoughts! I really like what that lady said- I need to embrace this as a sign of growing up and maturing. Its funny I used to want 1,000 friends and now I am okay with 10 super close deep friendships. Funny how life changes huh? Thanks for taking time to write me! I love your blog as well :)



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