Wednesday, July 13, 2011

France: Our Goals

Our goals in moving to France are simple:

1. I want to learn French b/c we would like to raise our kiddos bilingual.  (I need to know what DAD is saying behind my back!)

2. I want to TRAVEL!!!! I never got to study abroad and I have always been so intrigued by Europe.  The only time I have been over there was in 2008 to meet Logan's family.  Our top 3 places to visit are: Greece, Italy, and Spain

3. Family... I want to know my in-laws as well as Logan knows my parents.  We have not missed a birthday, anniversary, or graduation in the 3 years Logan has been here and now its time for me to get to know his family just as intimately.  Bonus: Kristin, Nolan, and their almost 4 kiddos are in France and his little brother Caleb is moving with us in August... so I will get lots of QT with them as well.

4. I want to understand more about how Logan grew up and the French culture. I want to understand what makes Logan, Logan.  Why he does things a certain way, why they celebrate holidays differently, etc.  I clearly LOVE him with my whole heart and I want to know all about the place that made him who he is today. 

4. Helping out with the NEW Project. You can read more about that HERE.  3 of the 5 kiddos will be on site in France to help and I will be focusing on Marketing and Sales of the new homes.

5. Living an ADVENTURE.  I think there is something to be said about "leaving and cleaving" with your husband. I have never lived more than 3 hours away from my family and I think it will be really good for me to get out of my comfort zone and have only Logan to lean on.  I think this experience will grow us even closer together.

We feel very blessed to have this opportunity.  I feel like God has closed many doors on potential adventures in our past, but this one fell into place at the perfect time.  We are so looking forward to seeing what He has in store.

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