Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day at Neiman Marcus

It has been so weird not having work this week! I still feel like it is Sunday or something and that I am going to work tomorrow.   I thought I would give you an overview of what a day at Neimans was like. 

I get to work around 9am. 
I typically snap a photo in the elevator to make sure I like my outfit. (Even though at that point it would be too late!) 
Answer emails. 
Send out the BG Email results. 
Make my way down to Starbucks for my Tall, Non-Fat Chi Tea Latte. 
Touch base with my team.
Around lunch time, I like to mosey to the Downtown Neiman Marcus store.


Don't take the elevators. ALWAYS take the escalators.  Especially past the 3rd floor so you can glance into the Bridal Salon :) 

I always check out the Shoes before I head out- these were 2 of my favorite Tory's, but I was "good" and kept walking.  

On my way to Campisis I walk past our beautiful windows.  We really have some talented individuals in the Visual Department. 

After picking up lunch, I head back to our building, on the 13th floor to eat.  This is the view from my Director's window. I love eating in there when she it out! 

I go back to my desk and continue working on emails, opening Marketing jobs with Account Management, getting our BG email prepared for the next day, updating our Promo Calendar, and maybe catching up on my Social Media/ Pinterest :) 

I may or may not be obsessed with bright colors and Post Its/ notepads...

My bulletin board w/ my projects. 

My bookshelf with all our current and past BG and Neiman Marcus Magazines. 

Around 3-4pm we usually like to find an excuse to order Tiff's Treats! They are delivered to your office in Downtown Dallas HOT & FRESH... WITH MILK!!! They are some of the best cookies I have had in Dallas... J.D's Chippery caliber. 

And at 6pm, I approve emails, wrap up, and head home! 

Below is a picture of my wonderful Manager & FRIEND Kristin. She was the BEST EVER to work with/ for. We have made a pact to work together again someday :) 

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