Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Week's Challenge

Thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging words about last week's challenge! It was a great week and the Frenchies left full AND alive- so it was successful right? Their favorite meal of all things was the American-style hamburgers. We loaded up trays of toppings with sautéed mushrooms and onions, lettuce, pickles. tomatoes, difference cheeses and avocados and served wedge cut french fries and a green salad.  It was very easy and they each asked for a SECOND burger, so I guess they liked them after all! (The only thing they have to compare my burgers to is McDonalds so to them I was Julia Childs, ha!) I have also learned that the French are funny about eating food with their hands unless its on a baguette... so we did have one older man who separated his meat and bun and chose to eat it with a fork and knife! (Still learning all about these cultural differences)

Bob & Sheri got back last night and had a great time on their cruise! Their favorite stops were Corsica and Barcelona- both of which we hope to visit at some point while we are over here. We are glad they are back and ready to tackle a few more busy weeks before Christmas break! I cannot believe its almost December, WOW! 

Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving break! Happy Monday :) 


  1. good job. now you can teach me how to get meals out on time. see you soon.

  2. knew it would be a success, but glad to hear you even scored some bonus points with the burgers.

    passe une bonne semaine!

  3. it's hard to find a good burger here and yours look delicious!



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