Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Christmas Roundup

I am SO thrilled it is DECEMBER!!! I hope these DIY ideas give you some decorating inspiration.  

Ditch the wreath. Try an initial! 

Clever use of a wreath.  And takes up the whole wall instead of one isolated spot. Cute over a couch!

Book Trees - would be adorable on the mantle or a built-in bookcase!

Tree Cones - these can be made to match any interior.  Dress them up or down to match your personal style. 

Christmas Card Wreath - Adorable and functional. 

Cute DIY cards - Love these cute cards! Made with love. 

Burlap Christmas Banner - I plan on making this myself... If I can find BURLAP in Egletons... may have to resort to tan paper... 

Tomorrow we are attending the French version of the Etsy Jingle Bash! Its a handmade, local, artisan open market in this little town called Meyssac. (My amazing tablecloth lady is setting up a booth!)  I cannot wait to stock up on some unique French goodies and meet some local artists.  Will provide a full report next week! 


1 comment:

  1. These are great! Love the initial and the wreath in Joy :-)



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