Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whats in my bag: Christmas Stocking Edition

I have hundreds of pictures (literally) to sort through from all of our Christmas celebrations, but I thought I would share a quick peek into my Christmas stocking.  My mom did REALLY good this year (as always) and every single thing was very thoughtful and special!


1. Warm fuzzy polka dot socks! I live in these things at our apartment! 
2. An adorable Stella & Dot broach- A feather + some glitz = perfection. 
3. Cake Pops book! This will be a new project (or experiment) starting in 2012. 
4. A bando top to go under everything. 
5. Adorable brightly colored tea / coffee/ hot chocolate spoons! 
6. Recipe cards- NEEDED these! Currently they are all scribbled on printer paper. 
7. A vintage looking Parisian journal to chart our travels. 
8. Essie nail polish- a beautiful holiday red called "Fishnet Stockings"- ha!
9. This is an adorable book "One line a day" that you write in over 5 years. Just one sentence for each day so you can look back over the past 5 years and remember special memories. LOVED this! 
10. Toothbrush. Needed as always. 
11. Bobby pins. I always seem to lose these... kind of like socks... 
12. The Help (DVD) Confession: I read the book this summer and tried to illegally watch it several times online and was never able to find a link that worked.  SO I got to watch the full feature film legally and on my DVD player instead of the computer. It was worth the wait! 
13. Precious little hand warmers. They look like mini hot water bottles. 

Thank you Mom for a great stocking! I am soaking up the last few days that she & Chris are here and don't even want to think about them leaving... so it may be a little quiet around these parts.  Will be sure to post holiday pictures soon! 

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  1. So welcome! It is my favorite thing to do for my girls:) (and Logan!)



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