Friday, January 20, 2012

5 :)

Thanks to my friend Becky's sweet words, I am going to restart doing my 5 :) on Fridays. They usually have nothing to do with France, they are just random things that are making me smile right now.  So without further ado, here we go!

1. It looks like Pyrex just got a facelift! Love these dishes. 

2. I have heard of mini bars in a home, but never seen such a cute COFFEE bar! Or hot chocolate... or tea. Would love to do this someday in my dining room or living room area. 

3. Heidi Merrick: The Spring Collection. I love the mix of neutrals with subtle pops of color! 

4. This is a really cool exhibit in Paris right now done with a huge mirror.  Look closely and find the people floating on the home are actually on the ground.

5. I saw this home tour on Apartment Therapy this week. It is an old Victorian home redo in Portland and I think it is just dreamy. That patio... that spiral staircase... Oh the cook outs we could have!

Turns out my Frenchman is feeling sick today, so we are going to lay low and take our trip to Spain NEXT weekend.  This at least will give us a week to book a hotel and figure out everything we want to see and do in Barcelona! Thanks to everyone for all your concern and feedback- We are currently trying our luck at getting our license transcribed here in France while we wait to hear back from the Prefect if Houston is necessary or not.  We would rather not purchase that plane ticket if a trip is not needed, seeing as I will be coming home in June. International flights add up fast!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend :) 


  1. I think that is the plan! :) Just me though, not Logan... my best friend Katie is having a baby and I am not sure I can wait another YEAR to come home!

  2. Those pyrex dishes are swish! Want.
    And again, best of luck with the whole visa mess. I'm really praying for you :-) xo



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