Monday, March 26, 2012

Feeling European: The Car Edition

After 7 months of borrowing cars and hitching rides, we finally have our own car! It's a silver 2002 Renault Megane and we love her! (She goes by Meg for short) We feel VERY fancy because she has A/C (which is not a "given" in France), a CD player, AND keyless entry.  Its the little things, right? I would describe her as a wanna be SUV.  Most French SUV's have a squatty look from the outside (borderline minivan-ish), but they are very spacious on the inside! We have plenty of room for visitor's suitcases in our massive trunk and I like that we sit up higher like we did in my Jeep.  All in all we are so thankful and happy for our newfound independence! I see many road trips in our future. We are SO European :) 

PS I still haven't driven her aside from the parking lot (and I managed to stall). Almost all cars in France are standards and I am an automatic girl. I think it should be required that you learn to drive a standard AND automatic in Drivers Ed. It's second nature to Logan and its still pretty intimidating for me, especially in towns with roundabouts, tiny roads, all parallel parking, and lots of hills! I will get there though, stay tuned... 


  1. That car is huge! Best of luck with the driving lessons.

  2. i think meg is very cool! i know logan will have you clutching and shifting in no time. enjoy!

  3. oooo so exciting - congrats! She is adorable! And so are your pink pants! Yay for road trips and being super Francy pants ha! :)

  4. Hooray!!
    And how funny is this... 1) I drove a Jeep back in Texas and 2) I drove a Renault Megane now :)

  5. No way!!!! We are soul sisters :)



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