Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Furniture: Smurf Table

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! I have been wanting to paint our coffee table basically... since we inherited it. (No offense!) I procrastinated until the weather got nicer, so I could paint outside.  I went bold with this beautiful turquoise blue and I love how it turned out! I swear my house someday is going to look like the inside of a crayon box.  :) 
I think she fits quite nicely and definitely adds interest/ color to our little loft. 

If you want instructions on how to refinish your own furniture, you can read my tutorial hereIt is really simple, but a bit time consuming.  I have a tiny dream that someday I can have an Etsy shop and sell my refinished furniture... but the whole shipping from France thing could present an issue. Maybe someday though? A girl can dream... 


  1. i love it! is it appropriate for me to say, "you da man"? nice job.

  2. Purdy table, great choice of color!

  3. stunning! LOVE the color choice. your home will be the most beautiful crayon box there ever was. maybe this is exactly why we should be neighbors (besides the fact that we love each other and want to grow old together):
    1-when i get tired of my 2-3 colors per room decorating, i can walk next door and take in all brightness :)
    2-we could totally do that etsy shop together - perhaps a canton booth, also?

  4. I love the blue!!! Can't wait to see it in real life NEXT MONTH!

  5. PERFECT!! I'm so happy! I just told my husband that I want to paint the ugly TV stand that we have and when he said, "what, like black or white?" and I said color he looked at me like I was crazy and now I can show him this! And I have your tutorial to follow. Thanks Abby! :)



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