Friday, May 4, 2012

5 :) + Thank You

First of all, thanks to the outpouring of LOVE, SUPPORT, and PRAYERS in regards to our post yesterday.  I am overwhelmed by how many people have reached out to us.  We read all of your kind words together last night.  In a social media society filled with fluff, rainbows, and's hard and scary to be vulnerable and transparent. I had so many nerves and emotions before hitting "Publish" yesterday. But why? All I did was tell an honest experience from my heart- there is no reason to be insecure about that.  I read a quote the other day: "God turns our messes into ministries and our trials into testimonies."  If I can help even just 1 girl with my experience, it was worth feeling "naked" in front of the internet. Thanks for your encouragement and affirmation as a response. 

NOW, onto the 5 :) 

1. Darling Kate Spade shoes perfect for Spring/ Summer. 
2. A good reminder.  

3. These AMAZING summer shoes that will go with every single outfit in your closet.  (H&M) 

 4. My next DIY! Layering a picture frame on top of a painted board. 

5.  A tiny peek at something I will be sharing in the weeks to come... SO excited about it :) 

Images 1-4 found via Pinterest

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! I am SO sad I am missing my best friend Katie's baby shower... But I get to meet Libby in PERSON in June which is clearly the better option ;) AND HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the lovely Moms out there, especially MINE!  

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