Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bits & Pieces: April

 7. Type A Packing for Italy 

1. Smurf Table re-do. She is a nice addition.  
2. Patio weather. 
3. Cutest XO dish towel in a care package from my friend Jen :) Love it!
4. A Sunday school lesson for the kiddos. He is Risen! 
5. My early birthday party at The Colorado. 
6. Some gifts from my Dad & Kelley on our way out of town! Arrived just in time :) 
7. "Type A" packing for Italy. 
8. Rental car adventures in Italy. 
9. My 28th birthday. 
10. Pizza on Il Campo Square in Siena. 
11. Corniglia. 
12. Met / shared drinks with a newly engaged Irish couple here. 
13. These were everywhere in Vernazza. 
14. Our room in Rome. Chandeliers, Lovely. 
15. The Colosseum on a sunshiny day!
16. Inside St. Peter's Basilica. 
17. Scenes from Rome. 
18. Assorted Dessert Trays for a work event. 
19. Logan's birthday gifts for me from a cute boutique in town. We have a CUTE boutique in Egletons? Why did I not know this??!!?
20. You know you need new shoes when...maybe I should head over to that cute boutique!
21. Getting brainwashed from an early age. Go Rangers!
22. Brenda Marr's "White Trash Sangria" is a Frenchie hit! 
23. Lots and lots of Cowboy/ Tex Mex nights. (4 this month!) 
24. It has been this weather for the past 2 weeks and it looks as if sunshine is still NOT in the forecast. I suppose it is beautifully green over here for a reason... 
25. Despite the downpour, these tulips are holding on strong. 



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