Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Fulfilled Dream

Yesterday we drove to the most adorable little town called Brantome.   We had time to kill before my sister got back from Spain so we decided to go exploring.  Our GPS was taking us all sorts of back woods routes to this little town and we were a bit concerned we would never get there....

This may sound a little bit silly, but there are some moments that I have imagined in my head that spark magic.  Your very first kiss, "Will You Marry Me?", walking down the aisle at my wedding, the positive pregnancy test, holding our first child... those are the BIG moments.  But I'm talking about some simple, small moments.  Someday catching fireflies in the front yard of a house that we OWN,  go sailing on crystal blue water and pack a picnic, swim directly next to a waterfall, and stand in the middle of a field FULL of sunflowers.  

So sure enough... after all these twisty roads, we stumbled upon about 10 SUNFLOWER FIELDS! You can ask Logan... I was completely and totally in awe yesterday.  It was even more than I had imagined. The scene before my eyes had literally walked out of my dreams.  It wasn't just a few yards deep... it was HILLS upon HILLS upon HILLS of straight sunflowers.  It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on.  So naturally, we pulled over and I snuck onto this private property and had a "moment."  I looked around, closed my eyes, and thought about how this was a gift. I think that God can reveal himself to different people in different ways.... yesterday, for me, it was a sunflower field.  I am convinced that if I have a backyard in heaven... it would most likely look like yesterday. 

P.S. To say these iPhone photos do my experience "justice" is a HUGE understatement. But it will live on in my memory forever. 


  1. Beautiful. The sunflowers AND you!! XO, Mom

  2. Look at your bump!
    And you want sunflowers?! You need to come on down to Provence... we've got sunflowers galore and bonus... we've got lavender too :)



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