Monday, July 16, 2012

The DAY we found out!

Well we are back from PARIS! It was a magical weekend ...I can't wait to share it with you all.  If you missed our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, you can read it HERE.


We actually found out the DAY that Morgan Stallings came to visit us in FRANCE! It was really funny because we had taken 2 negative pregnancy tests so I was convinced the blood work would come back negative... to the point where I told Logan to go in and get the results so I could keep chatting with Morgan, ha! Upon further consideration we figured I better join him in the case that I was, indeed, expecting.  We walked into the lab and the ladies squealed "C'est POSITIF!" Well you don't have to be fluent to know that "POSITIF" does not mean "negative" in English... we were pregnant! We hugged in the lobby as I picked up my jaw off the floor.  We walked outside and Morgan was glued to the window as I gave her 2 thumbs up! Then we had a group hug and hopped around in a circle in the parking lot haha :) It was a really sweet moment followed by an emotional prayer in the car for the baby's safety and a healthy, full-term, pregnancy with no bleeding, spotting, and an early STRONG heartbeat.  That was/ has been our prayer from DAY 1.  

Morgan then happily indulged in a photo shoot in our loft with our results!
We then proceeded to tell the French Misegades clan (this will be their 10th grandchild!) BUT I held it in for an entire month until I could tell my family and friends in person during my visit to TEXAS :) It was totally worth the wait! Turns out I am a much better liar over the phone than in person because I point blank fibbed to my Mom and Bromli when they asked! More on their reactions later...


  1. prayers your way for a most healthy full-term pregnancy, with NO complications.
    Congratulations! The Lord God is so good :)

  2. i love being a tiny little part of this story. i'm going to tell baby frenchy all the time about the day we found out that he/she was arriving and all the praying we did through tears of joy. can't wait.

  3. Abby - I just found your blog and totally enjoyed reading it from 2009 :). Congratulations on this beautiful news. I just love how fun you Frenchy's are :).

    We have so much in common, kind of, I speak French (was born in Paris). We went through a devastating miscarriage before getting pregnant with our second baby and we are due any day now.

    I just loved reading your blog and I am totally following you along this new amazing journey. Lots of prayers your way.

  4. Pegster- I am SO flattered! Thank you so much for reaching out :) It does sound like we have a lot in common! I can't wait to check out your blog as well! So much has happened since 2009 - its so fun to see how this blog continues to evolve. Thanks for reading!

  5. This post is so great! So much joy in each of these pictures. And love that you do one line a day too. :) That was a VERY important entry! Can't wait for mini Frenchy!!!!!



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