Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nursery Inspiration

My original vision was white walls with coral and turquoise accents.  Unfortunately, this color scheme isn't exactly conducive to the look and feel of a log cabin :) 

So onto the NEW vision... Bright, eclectic, colors. I am a bright color girl myself, so I love the idea of cute knick knacks and mismatched fabrics... Any of you gals been to Gypsy Wagon in Dallas? That store is so inspiring to me and I would love to transmit that look and feel into a nursery.  We are working with a really tiny space so we honestly probably only have room for a rug, bookshelf, crib, and changing table.  Which takes off some of the pressure :) We also have the whole slanted roof issue, so there's really only a handful of places to hang stuff on the walls. 

Here are a few inspirational nurseries and items from Pinterest

And here are 3 little touches we have already purchased for her nursery.  So cute right? The first 2 we found in Montmartre (my favorite area of Paris) and the last one was from my favorite store in Limoges. The canopy tent I envision draping around her little crib.  I am hoping it won't look like a circus in there, so I am going to try and keep the bedding pretty basic, neutral, or at the very least solid with a few accent pillows.  I love that each item is quirky and has a story behind it.  


  1. Precious precious PRECIOUS! Hudson and Landry's room has the same theme, with bright quilts and pops of color on the gray walls. Little Miss Frenchy will absolutely love her sunny nook!! I adore the owls. :)

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! especially the pennant banner!! I've got to get busy making things for the baby now... :)

  3. LOVE the three things you bought!!! Such sweet little finds that will make Stella's space the most special. :)



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