Saturday, October 27, 2012

5 :)


We actually prepared/served a lunch for 43 people yesterday, took a much-needed NAP, then had dinner with some friends in a nearby town.  What? Abby had plans on a Friday night??? Why YES I did.... proudly :) I even stayed up past 1am which hasn't happened in months!  

Here are my belated 5 Friday Smiles. 

1.  A HAPPY HALLOWEEN gift from my Mom including a fall Herringbone scarf, my beloved People Magazines, our favorite Halloween candy, and the new Mumford & Sons album which I really love!  Note: Halloween card says "Bone Jour" - only Debs would track that down :)  Thank you MOM! We always love getting your care packages.  

2. The CUTEST DIY on A Beautiful Mess.  I am thinking my nieces and nephew would LOVE this for Halloween since we don't really do trick-or-treating here in France.  (At least in our area...) 

3. My new
mantra! An especially great reminder after a frustrating day as an ex-pat. 

Fall fashion... le sigh.... Unfortunately I am far from stylish these days and more about "whatever fits" but I do love this belted dress, tights, and knee boots :) So so cute! 

5. Logan and I celebrate our 3 YEAR Wedding Anniversary next week and I really really love this bracelet from Etsy.  We don't exchange gifts, we take trips instead... so I may have to put this one on my Christmas Wish List! 

BON WEEKEND everyone! And a special shout out to my friend Allison who is having her baby shower today! I am so sad I can't be there, but I know it is going to turn out so cute. It was so much fun helping plan it. :) 


  1. Wow, lunch for 43, I'm impressed!! Have a great weekend Abby! I love your care package from your mom - what a fun gift!! At least in Bordeaux, Halloween seems to be catching on a kids are saying some kids do trick or treat...but we will see how it goes. We have been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of expat Halloween parties..nice to hold on to our American traditions at least in a small way.

    1. Oh VERY fun!!! Yes the Halloween trend hasn't caught on quite yet here! ;) Stella will be dressing up regardless next year though....even if it is just for pictures!! haha

  2. God bless your mom for sending the care package. I'd be thrilled if someone were to throw a People magazine into my treat bag.

    1. I know, right??? They are therapeutic for me! Let me know if you need me to send them your way when I am finished ;)

  3. i love you; your husband, and your trials. keep enjoying.

  4. I am SO jealous that you got the People with Ryan and Blake on the cover!!! So freaking jealous!
    I was in Marseille Airport on Sunday so I popped into the shop there and found a People. It's two weeks old with crazy Tom Cruise on the cover but it will do :)



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