Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Pictures

After THIS amazing picture of our daughter, we got a lot of feedback that Little Stella had some of her Mommy's traits.... lips and nose to be precise.  Just for fun, Logan and I looked through some of our baby pictures to see what the combinations could be... 

Logan was a PRETTY baby but at the beginning he resembled Mr. Magoo according to my Mother-in-law.  I was told he was mistaken for a girl often... Those eyelashes and that blonde hair- heck! He had more hair than I did by kindergarten!
Then there's me... I had NO hair...complete baldy until kindergarten, BIG mouth and BIG head, and was always mistaken for a BOY. I did however, have a knockout SMILE :)  I mean who wouldn't with such a giant mouth? haha! 

We have decided that "worst case scenario" Stella will get my huge head and lack of hair with Logan's big ears :) haha! Regardless, we will think she's the prettiest lady in the land but it's fun to daydream! 

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