Friday, October 12, 2012

TGIF Random Thoughts

Some random updates from our week...

1.  I had my glucose test this week and it may have bearing on how many children we have.... It was NOT fun! I never ever want to drink that thing again. The first hour post-drink I felt tired, shaky, nauseous, and jittery.  After the first hour, my system started settling down... We find out the results on Monday and I am just crossing my fingers that I don't have gestational diabetes. I have already given up wine and sushi (among other things) and don't think my sweet tooth would last through holiday season without desserts! 

2. French class update.  Hmmmm where to start.  Lets just put it this way, the class is Abby vs. 8 catty Turkish girls.  I am an outsider, I have been laughed at, made fun of, and no one wants to sit by me.  So those junior high insecurities are creeping back into this 28 year old GROWN WOMAN's mind and it needs to change.  I DO, however, LOVE my teacher.  She is great. 

3.  Bob & Sheri have been in the USA for the past month and they finally got back home yesterday! (Happy Dance!!!) We are thrilled they are back because we missed them and are not-so-secretly happy to share the workload with them again ;) 

4. Stella... she is GROWING and KICKING a lot more! I love feeling her move, but boy there are times where I feel like my stomach is about to explode.  I am hanging onto my innie belly button for dear life... we are giving her (my belly button) just a few more days... RIP. I hear after birth it never quite looks the same. Well cute BB, it was nice knowing you. 

5.  Happy ANNIVERSARY (early) to us! We are on our way to Montpellier to meet new friends and celebrate 3 years of marital bliss :) We have fun dinner reservations tonight and plan on shopping, exploring, and taking a day trip to the beach on Sunday.  

Anyone doing anything FUN this weekend? I am really missing the TEXAS STATE FAIR here lately... please go and have a Fletcher's corndog for me! 



  1. It was interesting to read your comment about the "catty Turkish girls." When I was taking group French classes in Monaco years ago, there was a Russian girl who was always late, left her cell phone on and wore too much perfume. For some reason, she always wanted to sit beside me even though I made it a point to plunk my purse on coat on the seat next to me to avoid her. Anyhow, I had the last straw when she was describing in Frussian (Mix of French and Russian)about her weekend of debauchery, and then jiggled her breasts in front of my face to make a point. I was so stunned that after the class I arranged for semi-private lessons with two other women in the class who were equally scandalized! As I always say, little tragedies turn into good cocktail stories. I'm sure the Turkish kitties will provide you with some riveting material.

  2. Love the Friday update!! Happy anniversary (a few weeks early!) XO, Mom

  3. I just love reading your blog girl and I loved this picture of you! I saw it on instagram over the weekend - your legs look like a heart too! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Excited about your NEW blog :) PS I hadn't thought about the heart thing... that makes it an extra special pic!



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