Friday, February 22, 2013

Valetines Day 2013: Times have CHANGED

This Valentines Day was our first as a family of 3! (Shout out to Gigi for the CUTE Valentines Day outfit for Stella!) We spent the day making some really cute Valentines Day cards for our families (I will do a DIY post once the grandparents actually receive them!) and Logan cooked us a wonderful meal.  Unfortunately it fell right in the middle of our girl's "Happy Hour" so we had to trade off scarfing our food down and bouncing her all over the kitchen.  We exchanged cards over her tearful screaming and since you cannot find cute cards anywhere in our area, Logan and I both MADE our Valentines Day cards this year. We weren't supposed to exchange gifts but Logan surprised me with the Huguenot cross which is the French Protestant cross.  (Everyone in his family has one so it's extremely meaningful.)  It was not the most romantic of evenings, but it is our reality as new parents.  I will say that NEXT year Logan and I have decided to hire a sitter so we can go enjoy a romantic and quiet meal :)


  1. So true, Valentine's Days do change - especially with a newborn. I remember when my oldest was born (also a January baby!) - I decided to cook my husband a nice dinner, in between bouncing & feeding fussy girl. The washer decided to overflow that day - an hour before dinner, causing a flood in our downstairs bath and hall...needless to say - it was also not the most romantic of dinners - but one of the memorable ones! Times change but I also wouldn't change it for the world! Enjoy your new family- it's such a fun journey!

  2. Love reading your blog, girl!! I'm one of the old family friends of the Misegades from KS--living in FL now. Congrats on your sweet little girl---she is such a great mix between you both! LOVE the V'day outfit--ADORABLE!! Kids sure do change things, but y'know, it's always better than before. We have really brought back the date night too...we let it slip for a few yrs and not ever again. Even if it's once or twice a month, it is so special!

  3. i do not think you will have to hire a sitter, i am confident you can leave her in coppel or dallas!



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