Sunday, February 10, 2013

We are BACK!

Well we have been off the radar the past few weeks because we've been having too much fun with the grandparents! Gigi and Opa left last Sunday and Pappa and Mimi left Friday morning.  We are really sad to not have them close and a bit nervous about doing life without a live-in maid and chef! :) It has been SO nice to have the extra hands around. Thanks to both sets of grandparents for making the long trip over to meet little Stella bug! We (and she) will cherish these memories and pictures forever.

I have SO many pictures and LOTS of stories to catch all of you up on starting this week :)  I am not sure how often I will be posting since Logan will be back at work and I will be flying solo at home, but I know we will figure out a good rhythm here pretty soon!

ALSO: I am blown away by how many people have read, reached out, and commented on Stella's birth story.  WOW. Thank you all SO MUCH for making me feel like a million bucks :) Looking back I am amazed at what my body was able to withstand and a part of me is kind of proud of our story...the greatest physical pain I have ever endured brought forth the most beautiful blessing I have ever laid eyes on. I am still speechless when I look down at this tiny, fragile, little being and think... she's mine. She's part ME. She will forever be a part of my life and my future and our journey as a family.   (Oh Lord, the baby amnesia MUST be setting in... haha!) But in all seriousness, thank you to those who shared your crazy birth stories with me and others who offered encouraging words. I have read them all and tucked them inside my proud, puffed up, Mother hen chest :)

Here is some cuteness overload to tide you over until my next post... 

Who do you think she is looking like?



  1. Precious pictures!! I love them all-some of my favorites!!

  2. oh my Stella... you are too sweet for words! xxooKaren

  3. Well, she's certainly inherited your gorgeous smile. Even in all your hospital photos you have the most amazing smile I've ever seen, no hint of exhaustion despite what you went through. I feel your pain with the birth, I had a very similar experience with the twins. It's true, you do start to forget and the little girl in your arms is all that matters. It is amazing what you achieved and I'm so glad everything worked out ok in the end. Hope you're starting to feel better now and good luck flying solo. Enjoy it and hold your baby. The dishes will get done when she's in college ;)

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