Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Wonder Woman!

Folks... I had to provide proof.

Our girl is only 6 weeks old and ROLLED OVER from her tummy to her back 3 times yesterday and 1 time already today!

This is NOT normal. I read that this isn't supposed to happen until they are around 4 months old.  I mean what the heck??? Our girl may be a tiny thing, but dang she is STRONG! Hopefully she won't be WALKING by next week....

Our explanation: She either DESPISES "tummy time" or I gave birth to Baby Wonder Woman! 

On another note: My "Mommy voice" is OUT OF CONTROL. Wow! You don't realize it until you hear it played back for you! Guilty, as charged. 


  1. Wow! Emma just started rolling. You have a superbaby! : )

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