Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Move Update: The Deets

Well everyone... we are on the 1 month countdown!!! 

Our OFFICIAL move back date is April 23rd. 

Our Progress:

  • I already have my first client for Abby Leigh Media and we haven't even officially launched yet!
  • Abby Leigh Media's website is almost complete.. should be launching in a few weeks or less! 
  • I joined Rodan + Fields Dermatologists and already have a Preferred Customer signed up and I haven't even had my business launches yet!  Thanks to Katie Schulze for being the best business partner and encouraging me to take this leap of faith. 
  • Logan has a handful of really strong leads and his resume looks great and is currently circulating around the DFW area. 
  • We sent back a TON of Stella's and Logan's stuff with Kent and Nicki... so we are hopeful that most of our belongings will fit in the 6 suitcases we moved over here with! (Luckily most of Stella's BIG stuff is on loan from my sister-in-law so things like the bouncy seat, bassinet, and swing all stay here!)
  • Stella's passport and social security card should be arriving any day now! 
  • The Cochrans are going to loan us their second car to drive until we can get some cash flow in to purchase one of our own- Praise God for good friends.  
  • My Mom and Chris are letting us live in their home rent and bill-free until Logan finds a job.  This takes a lot of pressure off of us and Gigi has already painted Katy's old room a pretty blue so that Stella can still have her own nursery :) 
Our To Do's: 
  • Last week my PURSE WAS STOLEN. This meant my debit cards, credit cards, passport, social security card, checks, and ALL OF MY MAKEUP.  (Is it sad that the makeup is my biggest bummer? It was in my cute Tory Burch case and now all I have is some makeshift samples - not worth it to buy new makeup at this point so I am just making it work until we get back to Dallas. I hope the thief was at least a girl who has an appreciation for Chanel lipgloss and NARS blush.)
  • Because of this tomorrow we go back to Bordeaux to apply for a new passport/ social security card for ME.  Lets cross our fingers that it makes it back to me by April 23rd! The fun thing is that I have talked Logan into dropping by Saint Emillion for a few drinks on our way back... why not? It will be our last time in Bordeaux for awhile... 
  • Logan has to get a ROOT CANAL on Friday.  He had an awful toothache a few weeks ago and when they got it checked out he found out that a root canal was necessary.  We figured we need to get that taken care of while its is still "free" for us in France instead of spending thousands of $$ once we get back to the US! 
  • I am throwing my friend Anais a baby shower here in a few weeks... we found out yesterday its a little GIRL!!! The French all think this is SO strange to celebrate a baby before its born- they think its bad "juju" or something.  Anywhoo- I am her AMERICAN friend and we won't be here after the baby is born so they can just play along with it :) The invitations went out last week! (Logan helped me translate them into French) 
  • Easter is this Sunday!!! I totally dropped the ball on this... it snuck up on me and now its too late to order Stella a smocked Easter dress. I found an affordable one for $35 but the shipping to France was going to be $50... are you kidding me?!?!? So we will be using something we already have this year but this week I am on the hunt for cute items to put in her very first Easter basket! 
That about sums up where we are at in this whole process and what our next month looks like... We are trying to balance "task mode" with enjoying the French countryside while we still can.  

Here are a few updated pictures of our girl... she is growing SO MUCH and becoming more and more FUN with each passing day!  The newborn clothes still fit her but she is starting to fit into some of her 0-3 month clothes so we have a few cute new outfits she's been modeling this week :) I just love dressing her up! 


  1. Oh my gosh, she is too cute! Bummer about your purse! :/

  2. Ah that was really a bad time you had gone through, firstly your purse was stolen, then toothache. Anyways, I really enjoyed this article. Thank you Abby, for sharing your experience.

    Las Vegas Dental Implant

  3. I just found your blog and am really excited to read about your adventures. If you add up all the months, I've been living in France for about 2 years now and I've recently gotten married to my Frenchman. It's wonderful to see another blogger in a similar situation! I know very few Americans here in France, so it's great knowing that I'm not alone!

    The DIY Frenchie

    1. So exciting!!! Yes the Expat community has been so supportive and encouraging throughout this journey - have a blast and thanks for reading!

  4. enjoy your month! i know i am selfish; but, i am ready for you to be here! do not worry about the makeup, you can use mine.

  5. I'm so sad to see you going back but so excited for you starting a new life closer to you nice family!! I can't wait to go to my baby-shower!! YAY!!! thank you again!!!!! if you need makeup... I have a lot of stuffs ahah ooooor you can wait and use Chris' ones! ahah

    1. I WILL NEED MAKEUP!!!! Especially eyeliner :) Maybe before the baby shower so I can look pretty!



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