Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A GREAT Birthday!

The morning of my 29th birthday, Logan got up with Stella around 8am, fed her a bottle so I could sleep a bit longer, then brought her into our room singing "Happy Birthday" in French.  Stella and I snuggled in bed while Logan cooked breakfast for us. It was a perfect start to my day! 
After breakfast we got all dolled up for a birthday lunch at the big house. Stella wore her cupcake bib for the special occasion :) 
Cousin Kailyn LOVES Stella and is so sweet with her. 
Birthday cake time!! 
My loves. 
By the end of the celebrating, we had a party pooper on our hands... so we went home so Stella could take a nap before Logan's basketball game. 
She was a HAPPY girl after her nap :) 
She was pretty content on the ride to Tulle as well... girl's got swagger :) 
Basketball games are MUCH more fun with this cheerleader in my lap! Of course everyone was coming up to us and ooh-ing and ahh-ing about how precious she is! :) 
Post-game picture with Daddy :) 
Once we got home it was starting to get dark so we changed Stella girl into her PJ's and I talked to my family and my friend Morgan while Logan cooked us a yummy steak dinner! Stella hung out with us for awhile but happily went down for the night around 10pm after her final feeding. 
And after she went down, this is how we finished out the day. 

His & Hers... & OURS... on the baby monitor.  
It was a simple day and a great day.  So much to be thankful for this past year!   

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