Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there who are Moms of grown babies, little babies, angel babies, and wishful future babies.  I remember this day last year; we were still mourning the loss of our baby from February and praying and hoping for another chance. It was a very hard day, especially watching all the beautiful pictures of families all over social media.  It is so hard not to compare and it felt like salt in the wound... Family pictures we would never have with our angel baby.  So for all of you women who are going through loss right now, just know there is HOPE... Little did we know that last Mother's Day when I was so devastated and sad, I was already pregnant with Stella Rose and didn't know it yet! 

"The Lord gives, and the Lord takes, may the name of the Lord be Praised."  Job 1:21

The Lord works in miraculous ways and His timing is always perfect. I sit here today and I can't imagine my life without Stella and she would not be here if the other baby(ies) had made it. God's plan is beyond our human understanding but I can rest in the fact that He is in control as I sit here with my daughter in my lap. 
Motherhood is truly the most humbling and miraculous journey I have ever been on.  Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow! 
Thank you to my precious Stella-bug for the privilege of being your Mommy.
And thank you to Gigi (My Mom) for being so much more than a Mom to me... You truly are one of my closets friends.
Moms Day


  1. Happy first Mother's Day to you! Enjoy your day :)

  2. I really enjoyed your post, Abby. Yesterday was really hard for me; I lost our angelbaby on Easter. It's been a struggle but your blog has been really inspiring! Happy Mother's Day!



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