Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reverse Culture Shock

I don't know how to really describe what it has been like since we moved back.  On one hand it feels like we never left Texas... Almost like we just woke up from a really long daydream and are back to reality.  Life has not really changed since we left 2 years ago... except that most of our friends now have babies! But as far as DALLAS goes... it feels like home.  And I don't know how to explain it, but France seems like a blur... like... Did we really do that?!??! 

I have also switched straight back into social butterfly mode.  It is hilarious because I tell people that ever since we landed, I haven't SHUT UP! I've been making up for the fact that I've been quiet and haven't spoken much over the past 2 years because of the language barrier... Now I'm making friends with the checkout lady at Target and the person in line next to me at Kroger.  It is hilarious. I thought that chatty part of me had died out a little bit, but she's back and more talkative than ever! 

A surprise... I miss France.  My heart misses it.  I miss the beauty. I miss the people.  I miss the simplicity of life and the pace of life.  I will strive my hardest to try and strike a balance between the 2 extremes of tiny town France and BIG city Dallas.  I still haven't found the balance because we've been going 100 mph since we arrived.  I need to draw social boundaries as to how many times per week we go out, spend money, or meet up with friends.  I think once the novelty of us being back wears off, life should start to slow down. 

Something amazing... CHURCH.  I haven't been to church in 2 years (Aside from watching podcasts on our TV in France).  I was at Gateway on Sunday, the sermon was incredible, and I don't know why but I just cried and cried all through worship.  It just felt SO RIGHT to be back, worshipping, and surrounded by such amazing fellowship.   I was craving this for 2 full years and this was a huge reason we wanted to move back... We want Stella to grow up experiencing THIS kind of church.  

So those are my ramblings about the transition back to the US so far.  Logan is still looking for jobs and I have now finished launching my Rodan + Fields business and even signed on 2 business partners! We are SO blessed to already have a paycheck coming in every month through this gig... It takes off so much pressure for Logan to find a job right away.  Now he can find the RIGHT job and not just take the FIRST job offered to him.  

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.  Feels good to be home. 


  1. Happy to hear you are settling back in! And I totally get the chatty Cathy bit, when I go back to the States on holiday, I never shut up. Everyone becomes my friend :)

  2. So awesome!! I'm glad the adjustment has been so smooth and easy, although, I can't say I'm surprised! XO



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