Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25th - What's in your Purse?

What's in my Purse? (One of my favorite birthday gifts from Logan - got it in France last year) 
  • Little Miss Sunshine on lend from the Cochrans
  • Chap Stick... ALWAYS
  • French gum! I will be sad when I run out :(
  • Eye drops for my contacts
  • My favorite pen
  • Cell phone (with the cutest cover ever!!!)
  • Keys
  • Wallet/ clutch 
  • A spare headband for Stella :) Priorities people! 
  • Pacifier... don't leave home without it! 
  • Rodan + Fields business cards & a spare mini facial just in case ;) 
  • "Faybans" - my fake Rayban sunglasses from Rome 

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