Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Personal Milestone

This month I reached a very BIG goal that I was running for with my Rodan + Fields business.  I earned an all expense paid trip to Napa Valley to meet the doctors, tour the corporate office, and be wined and dined by the best San Francisco has to offer! I say that as I am picking my jaw up off the floor because I had NO IDEA I would be able to achieve this goal and I am still a bit shocked as to how quickly it has happened! 

For ME, this is not about the trips, the levels, or the promotions (although I don't mind them!)  THIS is about growing a business where I get to work flexible part-time hours, FROM HOME (with my Stella girl), and do something that is FUN with super encouraging and inspirational women from around the country. I have girls on my team from Houston, Seattle, San Antonio, Tyler, and Dallas. We have a very FUN culture and have developed lifelong friendships along the way.  We may be running our OWN businesses, but we are NOT in this ALONE. I would not be where I am today without my amazing team :) 

Thank you to my bestie Katie Schulze for giving me the courage I needed to take this leap of faith when I was SO skeptical that this would work for me. I had the misconception that this was a business model where only a FEW would succeed and I have been proven wrong time and time again... Now I can personally attest to that. SO VERY THANKFUL I took this leap of faith as I am well on my way to REPLACING my full time salary in Corporate America in just 8 short months.  If I can make this happen, anyone can!  (I never everrrrr thought I would do direct selling) 

If you are at all interested or curious about finding out more, I am happy to have a casual conversation with you.  You can email me at abbymisegades AT gmail DOT com.  I actually have 3 business partners (and now close friends) that became interested in this business as a result of this lil ol' blog of mine. Lets get the conversation started to see if this could be a good fit for you- The HOLIDAYS (AKA when you are on social OVERLOAD) is PRIME TIME for jumping in so you can share with everyone you will be around over the next 2 months! 

You can check out my products HERE or research the business HERE



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