Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sicky Stella

Well this past week I have been MIA with my sick baby girl.  After Halloween, Stella started having "cold" symptoms and I figured since the weather had cooled down and she had been outside maybe it was allergy related. I didn't want to be the first-time Mom who rushed to the doctors office for them to say she has a runny nose and to stop overreacting.  SO we were waiting it out... until Wednesday night when she was up for almost 2 hours screaming.  Nothing could console her - cuddling, walking around, a bottle... I went to CVS at midnight and talked to the pharmacist only to hear there was nothing she could give me or any child under the age of 2 that would help with a cold.  So I went home...When I got home she had finally worn herself out from crying and fallen asleep face down in our bed next to Logan.  I carefully transferred her to her crib and called the doctor first thing Thursday morning.  Her wheezing had gotten worse and her chest sort of crackled with she was breathing BUT she didn't have a fever and overall had her peppy energy and was her normal self.  

I took her to the doctor the next day and we found out it was a virus called bronchiolitis  which is basically bronchitis in the smaller lung tubes.  We had to give her a breathing treatment and pin her down for 10 minutes and she let the entire office know how the felt about that...She's always been a GREAT communicator.  The treatment helped but didn't totally get rid of the wheezing so we were sent home with the breathing machine and told to use it every 4 hours.  She has gotten better with the treatments as long as we have Sprout on TV (really loud b/c the machine is so loud) - It makes her a bit drowsy and subsequently she's been napping and sleeping MUCH better which has been a welcome relief for this tired Mama! She had a check up yesterday and they told us she is still improving but we need to continue treatments until its totally cleared up.  We are thankful we took her in when we did because sometimes this can develop into a pneumonia and other (younger) babies can be hospitalized if it gets too bad! It's hard watching her sick... I feel totally helpless BUT I do enjoy the cuddles :) Thanks so much for your prayers! We are definitely on the road to recovery now.   
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  1. Uh, that is no fun! Hope she gets to feeling much better quickly!



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