Monday, February 3, 2014

Stella Rose: 1 Year OLD!!!

I am a few weeks late, but on January 19th our little Stella Bug turned 1!!! We are now DONE with the monthly stickers (thank goodness!) and pictures :) And I now officially have a TODDLER!!!

What is she up to THESE DAYS?!?!?

Well about 1 week before her 1st birthday she started taking STEPS and it was so cute and exciting! I am thrilled she did not decide to do this while I was out of town in Nashville...  My heart would have exploded and I might have had to come back early!

She is EVERYWHERE! She wants to walk (it looks like a cute little penguin waddle) and remove everything from every flat surface she can reach.  She loves to take books off the shelves and food off her plate.  I am hoping this is a phase as I'd love to have a dog for the sheer clean up aspect ha!  I have also noticed that recently she really does seem to be PLAYING with other kids which is just fun to watch - Talking in baby talk, laughing, smiling, and following other kiddos around.  This was a BIG milestone and made me really proud. Our little social butterfly ;) She doesn't stand a chance on being shy with Logan and myself as parents haha! She also has enough HAIR to have some GREAT BED HEAD!!!

Eating: We are still on 6oz of formula every 4ish hours throughout the day but have started mixing it with whole milk and weaning her off the bottle.  This is a SLOW process as she can't really figure out the sippy cup- She either have to suck too hard and gets frustrated or she gets it ALL over the place because it comes out too fast!  She is also up for trying ANY food item but again... most of it ends up in her chair or on the floor so we aren't sure how much she's actually eating.  She DOES love sliders, fried rice, and cupcakes though.... She is her mother's daughter for sure!

Sleeping: She goes down consistently around 8:15pm every night and wakes up around 7:15am every morning.  She always takes a solid nap in the mornings which is when I work (from 9-10:30ish) and in the afternoons we are hit or miss but more often than not, a nap between 2-4pm.  She has recently started to "talk" and hug her stuffed animals in the mornings.  It is adorable and makes waking up at 7:!5 bearable. 

Teeth: You FINALLY have your top 2 starting to peek through.  One I can see and the other one is just about to escape.  I am ready for those suckers to come out and play! I feel like we've been teething for months without any progress!

Words:  Mama, Dada, Papa, Baby, and ASHES of all things?!?! You picked this up from Ring-Around-The-Rosie... Not an easy word and a VERY random one at that!

MUSIC: You LOVE to dance these days! You are starting to be more intriqued with the TV (We love Sprout) and anytime the songs come on you sway your arms back and forth and shake your hips side to side.  You are also completely awe-struck when your Daddy plays the guitar for you.  I think you may have music in your future...

Stella had her first (DOUBLE) ear infection over the holidays and then this past week battled a stomach bug with me... We think it may have been the stomach flu.  We are happy that one is behind us because last week was NO FUN!  I am ready for warmer weather and for cold & flu season to be behind us! 

This morning, we had her 1 year appointment and things look great! She is healthy as can be but neither of us were prepared for the 4 shots and 2 blood draws.... It.WAS.BRUTAL. So we had cupcakes for lunch to make up for it ha! (You think I'm kidding....) 
Weight - 23 pounds 3 oz (90%)
Length - 30 1/2 inches (92%)
Head - 18 1/4 inches (86%)

Here are a few pics over her first holiday season - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve in Houston with ALL your cousins in from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! AND 2 birthday parties!!! One with your cousin Jude and one on your actual birthday :) You have been BUSY girl! 

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  1. happy birthday to her! I've enjoyed following your blog and seeing your family grow. Stella is one blessed and beautiful little girl. God bless.



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