Monday, March 9, 2015

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

If I am being honest,  I am a bundle of nerves this morning.  Last night was pretty emotional for me as we tucked Stella in for the last time before baby sister arrives.  We are taking her to my Mom's house later today and she will be with the grandparents for the rest of the week while I am in the hospital.  The weather is rainy and gross today but I am trying to think of something fun for us to do today, just the 2 of us! This will be the last day for awhile that I can even pick her up due to my recovery. 

Most of you know, my first birth experience was probably the hardest day of my life.  Honestly.  I know everyone is so excited about tomorrow and to an extent I am too but I can't help but be incredibly nervous because of everything that happened last time.  I know this time will be completely different because I am in the US, have an English-speaking doctor, and Logan will get to be in the room with me… Not to mention I won't have to go through the actual 16 hours of labor part but it's still hard for me to wrap my mind around everything.  We check in at 5:30am tomorrow and are getting wheeled back at 7:15 and everything should be said and done by 9/ 9:30am!  TOMORROW.  

It feels weird knowing its coming… almost gives you too much time to analyze and worry rather than launching into labor unexpectedly and just rolling with it!  Last time I had no idea my labor would end in and emergency C-Section so I had no time to think about what they were actually doing to me… Being on this side of it though, I clam up and get nervous thinking about the actual procedure and recovery. I suppose its the same sort of thing when you get induced! 

BUT I am excited to get to meet her.  Seeing her face will immediately make everything worthwhile - We haven't had a sonogram since 19 weeks so we really haven't seen her much at all this pregnancy (vs. in France when we had a sonogram every appointment) and I have NO clue what she's going to look like! Will she be a "Mini Stella" or completely different? Then again, Stella looks NOTHING like her newborn pics so that can always change haha! Below are a few pictures of our beautiful Stella Rose RIGHT after being born!

Last night Logan and I just sat in her nursery and prayed.  Prayed for her health, her future, Stella and their relationship, the procedure, the nerves, the anxiety… and that she would be a good eater/ sleeper …. PLEAAAASE! We also prayed for her NAME.  We have a pretty good idea about her first name but her middle name is completely up in the air… So we are hoping that once we meet her, it will just be evident.  Funny thing is the name I think we are going with has never been on my "Baby Name List" until this pregnancy! (I have kept a running list on my phones for YEARS) So it feels fresh and new and exciting and something I never would have thought we'd go with! I have become OCD checking out every possible girl name I can get my hands on in and effort to make sure this is the RIGHT NAME…. She could be our very last little girl, after all so I don't ever want to hear another name and wish we would have gone with that one instead! I feel pretty confident I have done my research and we've landed on a good one :) 

PS How crazy is it that we had THIS MUCH SNOW… IN TEXAS… IN MARCH!!! Pretty fun that I now have 2 snow bump pictures at the SAME point in pregnancy with both of my girls :) The top one was in France with Stella and the rest are from this past week at 39 weeks pregnant! 

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