Monday, December 7, 2015

Peace during the Holiday Season

For many, this Christmas is going to magical.  Lots of little ones running around and re-igniting the wonder of the season. New husbands. New babies. New homes. All creating NEW memories.

But I vividly remember that holidays have not always gone well for me.  I feel like the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years can amplify our hurts and make us feel more alone than ever.

+ When I was single, it was so difficult not having someone to share it with.  I would wonder if everyone else was going to get chosen except for me. When will it finally be my turn?

+ After my grandparents passed away, so did ALL of my Christmas memories because we always gathered in Abilene.  After they were gone, we literally had to start from scratch with new holiday traditions because there was nothing left. I still miss them the most during the holidays.

+ After my parents got divorced, holidays were awkward for awhile and we had to find new traditions and ways to celebrate.

+ Although France was a magical 2 years, the holidays were really hard on me because I was so incredibly homesick for my family and they were an ocean away celebrating without me.

You may be going through a tough season in your marriage.  The loss of a job.  The horrible loss of a loved one. An illness. Bankruptcy. Depression. Anxiety. Infertility. 

Whatever it is, I want ALL of us to focus on one thing this holiday season: PEACE.  God didn't promise us a struggle-free life.  We will have pain and tears, joy and dancing and they all come in seasons.  But regardless of what season you are currently experiencing, I want you to focus on HIM.  The one who came so that we could have PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

You can have peace knowing that God is close. He weeps with you. He celebrates with You. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you.  The reason Jesus had to come to Earth.... was to CREATE peace in a turbulent and sinful world. This world is not our home and not all things will be right here on Earth. But we weren't created to live here.

Our life on Earth is a BLINK compared to the eternity we will spend with our Savior in Heaven. FOREVER. And THERE He promises NO PAIN. NO TEARS. NO DEATH. Cling to THAT Hope. 

So just as we anticipate Jesus birth during the Advent Season, I challenge you to anticipate PEACE regardless of circumstances.  Pray for it. Believe in it. And be COVERED in it this Holiday Season.

Many blessings!




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