Tuesday, March 15, 2016

JOY is found HERE.

This is one of those days.

One where the sun is shining, my kids are both napping, and I actually have time to sit down and write.  Something that pours out of me sometimes.

FIRST of all, last week I was able to wean myself completely off sleeping aids/ medication.  We are talking... the first time in 6 months that I haven't had to take medicine or something OTC to help me sleep.  I had no idea what a journey this would take me on, but I am so grateful that the hardest part is in my rearview mirror now.  This is going to sound so strange because I wouldn't wish last fall on my worst enemy.... but I am glad I went through it.  

Did I really just type that?

Yes. I am GLAD.  The refining process it took me through made me uncover places in my life where I needed to release control (which was causing much of the anxiety) and trust God.  It also brought me to such a humbling place realizing how BIG God is... and how TINY we are.  YET. HE CARES ABOUT US.  So very much. He is so very personable. I know Him in such a deeper and more intimate way now that I never would have known had I not gone through such a trial.

It also made me a better prayer warrior and friend.  I survived those months with the support and prayers of my close friends and family so I know now the POWER of PRAYER and how much it can change our circumstances.

So I sit here.  Happy. Joyful.  At PEACE.  Content. Sunshine outside and sunshine in my heart. I am in a NEW season.  My baby girl Chloé just turned 1 and it makes me feel like I can put this past year behind us.  The BEST is yet to come.  A fresh start. New beginnings. New chapters. New DREAMS for our little family. It's a NEW DAY and I am singing His Praises for ALL He has done... and He has done MIGHTY things!


  1. Thank you thank you for this blog! My sister sent it to me this morning as encouragement while I'm walking a similar path and it has been such a blessing! Thankful for your willingness to share.

    1. Of course! Please let me know if you want to connect - I know it can feel very lonely!

  2. Its still a little raw but I would absolutely love to connect once I have a little time to process. My sister passed along the blog and said you were a friend of a friend and I'm so glad she did. My email address is catherineherndon@gmail.com. Thank you again for your openness with your story and willingness to encourage other women through similar stuff- you're right, it can feel very lonely!



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