Friday, March 10, 2017


Today you turn TWO.  I can barely remember life before you Chloé Grace. The transition with you was seamless. You are independent.  You love to snuggle (but rarely give hugs or kisses). You are chill... like ALL the time.  You go with the flow. You are a great eater and the only "sweet" things you like are ice cream and donuts!?!?! You are SENSITIVE.  More and more of your emotions are coming out lately. (Hello, Two!)  When you get hurt or in trouble all you need is someone to pick you up and hug you tight to settle down. You are territorial with your stuff - As in you will fiercely FIGHT to keep it ha! (Hitting and pulling hair if necessary... Let's work on that before school next year, yes?) You prefer to be barefoot and outside. You LOVE baths. You have to bring your HUGE bunny lovey (which you endearingly call "Puppy") everywhere with you.  You love to "read" books and dress up in big sister's costumes and Mommy's high heels.  You are a DANCER and move your right elbow up and down like a chicken every time you hear a good beat - it is HILARIOUS! Swinging and bubbles are your ideal afternoon and you LOVE sneaking sips of Mommy's Coke.  You still prefer not to pose or smile for pictures but I can sometimes sneak that cute giggle if you aren't paying attention! You have never really cried... You SHRIEK! This has been since birth... Thankfully it doesn't happen very often.  You LOVE pushing your "babies" around in the stroller and pushing them in your swing so I know you are going to be a great Big Sister this year!  We love you so much and are SO PROUD that you are ours.  
CHLOE GRACE:  Favorites at 2!

Princess: ELSA 
Food: Spaghetti and french fries
Movie: Frozen... still ha! 
TV Show: Bubble Guppies
Drink: Sprite 
Activity: Swinging and Dancing 
Restaurant: Chick-fil-A 
Toy: BIG Bunny Lovey named "Puppy" 
Book: Frozen 
Song: Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday (ha!) 
Person:  STELLA 

Words: Peeze (Please) / Tink Tu (Thank you) / Someeee? (= More) / NO! / Kenai (EVERY dog haha!) / How ARE you? / You can count to 10 :) 

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