Monday, March 23, 2009

Katy meets the Fam

So I have to admit, this trip was really special to me b/c Katy got to finally see and experience France and The Colorado and meet some of Logan's wonderful family that doesnt live in the US!

We were all jealous b/c she got to meet the newest addition to the Misegades clan, Ryan Michael Isaac, before all of us! He looks like a cutie, cant wait to meet him!

She hung out with the girls, helped Kaylin celebrate her 4th birthday, did some sight seeing, and ate GREAT food. (Good job, Bob!)

Sheri was in Dallas with me and Logan to visit her folks. It was pretty funny b/c Bob and I were on the phone with each other BOTH at the airport at the same time on opposite sides of the world swapping family members!

Katy said it was a perfect R&R weekend and was a little taste of home to help her "homesickness." (not sure if thats a word or not but I just made it one!)

We miss you know how jealous I am, I wish I could be abroad!!!! Enjoy it while you are over there! :)

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