Thursday, April 9, 2009

25 and FABULOUS!!!

This was the most perfect day... I came into work and my cube was decked out with flowers, coffee creamer (b/c I am always out), a balloon, streamers, and all my Twitter celebrities wishing me a happy birthday! haha I am embarassed to admit that I did make a point to try and get Ashton to text me Happy Birthday by the end of work as a challenge but sadly he was too busy and too important :) Logan also suprised me with a fruit bouquet which my coworkers thoroughly enjoyed! It was almost gone by the time I got home... isn't it so cute??

Logan mysteriously told me to dress nice for our night out with him and my mom and to pack black leggings... I was boggled- Was it going to be cold? Were we horseback riding??? MUCH to my suprise, he gave me a beautiful silk dress from J'Adore and the mannequin was wearing black leggings so he thought I would want to wear them too! HAHA! So thoughtful and sweet... and yes, Logan, I actually REALLY loved the dress and would have never splurged on something so nice for myself. (Hello Forever 21 and Target)

Anywhoo... we had drinks at Cube Libre and then walked over to the Porch for dinner... I had amazing pork tenderloin and this AMAZING smore sundae that was just heavenly...

Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes! It is sure to be a banner year :)

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